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Monday, February 2, 2009

Is anybody out there?

Hmmm... I have just starting blogging here and plan to post once a week... or whenever I have the time. I'm just wondering if anyone has come across the blog at all. If anyone knows how to add a counter for me to know how many hits the sites has gotten please let me know. You can email me directly at littlethingstx@att.net . Feel free to "Follow this blog" and I will try not to bore you to tears. I plan to write about my homeschool adventures, learning and teaching ideas, frugal/cheapness, and anything that interests me at the moment!

Happy Groundhog Day! The fun thing about homeschool is you can celebrate any old thing you want just for fun. And I learned today that my kids really believe that there will be six more weeks of winter just because of some rodent! LOL!! We did not spend the whole day working strictly on groundhog activities, but we did make it the focus of our arts time. We made cute little groundhogs out of toilet paper roles and the "little groundhog popping out of his hole" puppet in a cup craft. I adapted it to my liking and supplies on hand, though. We used clear green cups with a hole stabbed in the bottom (parent's step!) and then, cut the upper rim of the cup off (another parent step!). With the rim removed the kids were able to cut slits down all around the cup going about halfway down the heighth of the cup. This resembles blades of grass. I then gave each of the kids a narrow strip of construction paper to wrap around the base and glue or staple in place. An inch is a good width and made ours hilly. Print and color any old groundhog and tape it to a skewer or craft stick. Place it into the cup with the stick out the bottom and there you have a groundhog puppet. I might note that Sierra added a bow sticker, construction paper dress, and various flower stickers to her girly groundhog after seeing Savannah draw a bow and flowers on hers. It was great to see them put their own creativity into the project! Maybe eventually I will move up to posting pics with my ideas... for now.. sorry...

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