"Enjoy the LITTLE THINGS in life for one day you will look back and realize they were the big things."

Friday, October 31, 2014

Much Needed Snuggles

Sienna, 3

I REALLY needed a snuggle with this cutie.  Sometimes you can't even share the details of how miserable you feel and those are the days these kind of snuggles go a long way.  Just a brief moment in time can cover some of the deepest sorrows and get you through to the next moment.  I am so thankful for these little moments in time.  

Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Birthday Boy is 8

Caden... This little guy is EIGHT years old already. I can hardly believe it.  

We had a very busy day for his big day.  His Daddy took off work to spend the day with him and we started our day with donuts for breakfasts followed by dressing for the day and some schooling.  We had an early lunch combined with Caden's birthday party and headed out the door right after noon to pick up friends for our first homeschool choir performance of the year.  The four oldest children performed with the homeschool choir at a local nursing home which is always a wonderful time and then. We headed out spend some time at Chuck E. Cheese followed by CiCi's Pizza.  That wasn't full enough for one day so we did a little birthday shopping for Legos.... because it is all about the Legos these days.  The last stop of the night was The Dollar Tree and then, we headed home to CRASH OUT!  

Monday, October 27, 2014

Purple Haired Cutie

Just a little cuteness to brighten your day... and mine.   

Sienna, 3

Getting Twisted: Pretzel Time

I have not made pretzels in a long time... a VERY long time.  In fact, I am certain it has been so long that my kids have no memory of it.  So, when a dear friend made pretzels recently I started feeling a little guilty that my kids have not gotten to enjoy the experience when they love soft pretzels so much.  

Savannah, 13

I wanted to use my own freshly ground wheat so this would be something I could eat for my MTHFR dietary restrictions.  Knowing that the Heavenly Homemaker blog would be a good place to start for a tried and true recipe I went straight to her blog under recipes.  She quickly won me over by introducing the recipe noting that she used to actually sell these pretzels.  I mixed up the recipe and left the dough to rise. I came back later and punched down the dough and got busy with my older two girls rolling out some yumminess.  Sahara joined us (not pictured unfortunately) and was a pro at rolling out the dough and she loved it. 

Sierra, 10

Not long after, we were enjoying salted butter pretzels and buttered cinnamon sugar pretzels... And they tasted just like the ones at the pretzel shops.  

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fields of Sunshine!

This is what it looks in the field around our house right now.  It is like fields of sunshine on bloom.  

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Cottage Style Container Gardening

It certainly does not look like much right now but I am starting a little cottage style container garden.  So far I have placed a few containers in a good sunny location in the field near the house.  There is a really extreme ant problem here so I have to solve that issue before planting much. Today I planted some Sugar Snap Peas, spinach, and broccoli.  

I plan to put a ground covering down to control weeds and grass in the area, but I am undecided about all that, yet.  I welcome any suggestions for this little garden area.  

Who Rules The Roost?

Chicco does!  Chicco is the ruler of the roost around here.  I like to think he is a little Mexican guy.  He is the tiny little guy with feathers on his feet and a little fluff on his head and he always has his chest puffed way out. We named him Chicco because he reminds me of the colors of a Chicco candy stick.  And, Chicco just sounds like a little Mexican dude.  He fights off the much larger Buff Orpington rooster and keeps his ladies safe.  When we moved him over to our new house and let him out in the run for the first time he walked around stomping his little feathered feet and guarding his ladies.  He is the true picture if chivalry.