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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Children and the Concept of Marriage

Kids are so cute! Recently, we were having lunch and Sierra leaned over and kissed Caden on the lips and began to blush and act all giddy. She said she was in love with Caden and she was going to marry him! Savannah and I were stunned and tickled and, of course, after we stopped laughing we had a little discussion about incest. LOL! Tonight Sierra was lying on my bed beside Sahara and she said she wanted to marry her! I told her that she surely can not marry her sister as we giggled about it. I proceeded to ask her if that just meant she loved her. As she continued loving on her baby sister she said that was what she meant. I just love the sweetness and innocence of it all. I do wonder about those children that do not have such guidance. These conversations are cute, but they are also the perfect time for us as parents to teach and guide our children. It is the perfect chance to lightheartedly explain that God made us all with a certain plan in mind.

Also, Sierra asked me today, "Who was first?" I thought she was talking about the birth order of her siblings, so I said, "Savannah". She said, "No, who was first?" It took me a moment to understand that what she wanted to know was who was first on this earth. I told her that Adam was and then, God created Eve to be his mate. She looked bewildered, because I said it as if I expected her to know it. I asked her if she knew what I was talking about and if she knew the story of Adam and Eve. She did not. I don't see how that could be, but it just made me realize the importance of making sure we teach them these things. It is easy to assume that she would have learned this, the most basic of Bible stories, by the age of five. I mean, even if we did not tell her I would think that she would have learned about it in her church classes. Obviously, not. I know that we have taught her other things and she has learned other things in church, so I am not devastated by this. I am just reminded that we are responsible for teaching it to her.

My oldest, Savannah, kissed her buddy Caleb on the lips (a peck) when they were toddlers. Sweet Caleb believes and refers to Savannah as his wife now... well, he may not now, but at the last discussion of this he would call her his wife. In his innocence and purity he believes that if you kiss then you are married. What a glorious moment! For a child to think such a thing speaks volumes about his upbringing! I truly hope that we can raise our children in a way that they will choose courtship vs. dating. What a wonderful way to enter into marriage without the regrets of past relationships. I truly believe that this can be possible if we are not afraid to guide our children by God's plan. In a world that teaches our kids to try everything first it will certainly be a challenge, but one that will be worth our efforts. Who knows... one day Savannah and Caleb might marry, but it won't be because we as parents push them to. That would be their choice, of course. What a testimony they would have if they could look back and say that they had never kissed anyone other than one they would eventually marry.

On the subject of children and marriage I can't skip the father's role. Like most all girls, my daughters "first love" has been their Daddy. On many occassions they have mentioned that one day they want to marry Daddy when they grow up. Again, another chance to lightheartedly discuss incest and such things. LOL! We have taken the time to praise them for loving Daddy, but at the same time we have taken this time to teach them about marriage and family and God's plan.

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  1. Anaiah came to me today with a big grin and picture in hand, explaining that this was a mommy Tawala puppy, and that the daddy Tawala puppy died, but that the mommy Tawala puppy had kissed him before he died, so now she is going to have Tawala puppies. Makes total sense to me. Tawala is chiuahuah in Anaiahish.


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