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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Kiss my Blog! I'm Irish!
(Well, some watered down version. My grandfather "looked" very Irish...short, fair complection, big hump nose... I don't think I got any of his genetic traits, though.... except, the short part!)
Today we are reading:
"The Story of St. Patrick's Day"
by Patricia A. Pingry
It is a small little boardbook that is simple and sturdy enough for all my little ones and perfect simple reading for my second grader. It's primary focus is not on little leprechauns and such, but rather on the history of Saint Patrick and his role in Christian history.
Also, I want to share this site with you for some great St. Patrick's Day fun and school work! It is www.billybear4kids.com and they have lots of great stuff!
May the LUCK OF THE IRISH be with you