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Friday, March 27, 2009

To Be Loved In Such A Way...

To be loved in such a way that your mere touch is all they desire. That is the finest of gifts! What sweetness! My two babies have strep and my little one is so miserable. All she wants is my touch. And so... that is my agenda for the day. What a wonderful job to have! To hold her, cuddle her, wipe her tears away, and be the one to get her through her dark days. She trusts me to care for her and make it better. She is having a rare moment of somewhat peaceful sleep at the moment. And so, I rock my older baby at his protest. He is busy these days...busy being two and playing or chasing after his "Doddy". He does not protest the rocking long, though. He too is now asleep, because much like his sister he still can't resist that touch. All of my babies still succumb sweetly into sleep at my mere touch. What a gift! Sierra, 4, will come sit with me at night and I can simply whisper, "Go to sleep" and lean her head against me and within seconds she is sleeping. She just desires to touch me. Savannah, 8, runs to me at bedtime as if her ability to sleep depends upon that final touch, a hug and kiss, before bedtime. Oh how wonderful it is to be loved is such a way!

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