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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

TWO Tips of the Day.... Free Overlays / Portable Dry Erase

I like to find uses for "garbage" sometimes. Some things just don't seem right to throw away! Okay everyone!!!..... you know our kids have all opened a million packages with Barbies, baby dolls, toy trucks, or whatever. They always have such beautiful packaging and sometimes you just know the packaging cost more to produce than the item did. Let's focus on those that have that wonderful thick plastic on the front so you can see into that beautiful new Barbie (etc.). It provides a wonderful "window" by which to view your new toy, but it can be recycled into a wonderful learning tool, also. Start ripping that stuff apart and cutting it into the desired shape and save it for teaching!!!

TIP #1: First of all, I have a huge dry erase board on one wall of our learning room (FYI: It is a full sheet of "shower board"). Recently though, I have realized that it is easier to stay seated than to hop up and demonstrate something on the "board".... not to mention that I feel so "Teachery" when I go to the "board". We are working at a table with a white surface and I can simply lay down my homemade clear overlay and write with a dry erase marker. This is great for me since I have a baby in my arms most of the time. It also allows me to sit with my children and have face to face contact, which is less intimidating than me going to the "board". The children can also easily write on it with you. I can write a math problem and they fill in the answer. Hmmm... saves paper, energy, and time! It is so thin that it easily stores in a file folder or stays laying out on the work surface without causing clutter. It is easily portable, so that gives you options to carry with you outside or on the go. Also, I must mention that it is soooo shiney that the dry erase mark off super easy... no hard scrubbing or alcohol, etc.

TIP #2: The other thing that works well is to use TWO pieces of the plastic at a time. Notice the pictures of Sierra practicing her name. In the pics you can see the layers, because my bottom plastic was rounded. On that piece I wrote her name in permanent marker, so she can practice it over and over. You could use dry erase, if you would be changing what the child will practice. Also, I taped the layers together on the back side to prevent sliding.

Also, notice that Sierra is Sleeping Beauty today. Home many kids get to go to school in costume whenever they want! She is a TOTAL princess... all girly-girl!

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