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Friday, April 17, 2009

Caden My Diaper Man

Most of us know that when you are potty training one of the important steps is to take your little one to the potty ASAP upon awakening in the morning. This what happened at my house this morning:

Sahara and Caden awoke at the same time, so they both needed their morning diaper changes. This is the part where you pray the two year will be dry .... and then, laugh because he is not! As I am removing Caden's diaper he says, "I want Cars." He is referring to Pull-Ups.
I say, "You have to go potty on the potty chair to get Cars."
I take him to the potty and he refuses, because he is not feeling very awake (not like him). He then proceeds to get and try to put on his own "Cars". I take the Pull-Up away and tell him that he can only wear the Cars if he goes potty on the potty.
So, I say, "What is it? Mickey Mouse or Cars?"
Caden says, "Mickus Mouse!"

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