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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Controversy Doesn't Scare Me!! :)

I knew when Bridget posted her post titled "The Pill...." a couple of days ago there was about to be some controversy. I did not realize how insane it would get, though. I just want to say I support her. Yep, I support her!!! And I mentioned the whole thing to my husband tonight and he said, "Well, you should support her then." I said, "Well, I am and I did when I left her a comment." That was that and I went about the rest of my evening, but while outside with my kids I started to ponder it a bit more and I realize that I have an opportunity to truly support her and share this important information. RIGHT HERE!!! Now I know I am not reaching the masses, but maybe I'll reach one ... or more! If someone had shared this information with me I might have made different choices. Who knows what blessings I may have robbed myself of over the years. This is the thing (and go read her post because she says it very clearly)... if you knew the Pill (and IUD's, etc.) would possibly kill your baby would you take it? If you believe that the very moment an egg is fertilized (conception) that that fertilized egg is a baby, then you are gonna want to read her post. If you believe that fertilized egg is a baby and you are against abortion, you need to read her post before you make a decision to take the Pill, etc..

Do know this is about passing on the information that could be useful to you. It is not to judge anyone, so don't get all crazy on me with negative comments. I will simply refer you to the small novel that is forming in Bridget's comments, because I am pretty sure that all the controversial issues have been covered there. :) Controversy doesn't scare me, so
Don't Blink... you're not gonna want to miss this one!! ( Pardon the pun.. :) I couldn't resist!

Special Note: I took the Pill for nine years (before our first baby) and we have recently considered a vasectomy or an IUD. Did you know that the wife has to sign papers for the vasectomy?! Well, I couldn't get my tubes tied because of my convictions, so guess who could not bring herself to sign that little paper for the vasectomy? Me!! That brought us to considering an IUD, which I have been having feelings of conviction about, too.... uh, now what?! You know we all face these dilemnas sooner or later in life.... and it's hard..... you want and need the best information to make these decisions!!! If you are a Christian, you also will desire to be in the will of God.

God gave us free will to make our own choices. He could have made us all His perfect little followers doing no wrong, but He wanted us to want Him. He wants us to want His ways. Do we always WANT His ways? Maybe or maybe not.... I can't say I WANT to be pregnant twelve times or have a dozen children. I am being real about this... the Bible says that children are a gift from God and happy is the man that has his quiver full. So, does that mean the more you have the happier you will be? Whew!! That is heavy stuff! I don't know where my life will lead, but I know that the IUD will not be an option for me now. Thank you God for putting Bridget in my path before I made a huge mistake!! God is using you Bridget (if you read this), so do not be discouraged. And uh-hem ... I guess we will be back to the ovulation method after breastfeeding ends... until someone shares something convicting about that one. :O


  1. ditto!!!!!! i have gone through the same thing!!!! the Lord convicted me about the iud, tube tying, and vas. praise God for the courage to post this!!!!!!

  2. Thank you Shannon! I really appreciate this and what a great idea to help spread the word. If more Christians weren't so afraid to stand up for what's right instead of worrying about what's popular. Yes, this is a hard thing for me as well... I am miss fertile myrtle! But now knowing this and the facts I have to trust God and not lean on my own understandings. Blessings to you!

  3. Hi Shannon! Nice to meet you in blog world! We will start homeschooling this year and I am so in NEED of other mommies who are doing it and making it! God is good. I need organization tips too and it sounds like you are good at this. I need laundry tips. My mountains are growing and I need something to make it fun--or more fun! Can you help?

  4. Great post! Glad that you gave her your support. I'll have to head over and do the same.


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