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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The End of Homemade Laundry Soap :(

Today I made the decision to switch back to factory made laundry detergent. I really hoped to save money , but it seems that the homemade detergent is ruining our clothes. They are clean (meaning germ-free) and smell good; however, our whites are yellowing, our colors are dulling and looking dingey, the stains are not coming out, and the fibers in the clothing seem to be weakening. I say this about the fibers because I can run my fingernail over our jeans and lint particles come off onto my fingernail. Or clothes are looking worn out FAST. It is as if the detergent is too harsh. I thought I might be using too much, so I cut back some. I just can't figure out what else to do but switch back. I read something that said "if you have hard water or well water and your clothes are looking dingey you may need to adjust the recipe". It did not say how to adjust it. I have read about using vinegar as a fabric softener (maybe that would work to soften the water). I need to do some research. The final decision was really made because a couple of days ago Caden went exploring and opened a container of the HM detergent and pour it all over the floor. I threw down a white towel to clean up the mess and since I had just done ALL the laundry I did not wash it right away. I hung the towel outside to dry to prevent mildewing. When I looked at it dry I noticed it is now splotchy and yellowed. After washing it it is still splotchy and yellowed.. and rough. Maybe it has something to do with our water (city water --chlorinated and flouridated) and some sort of chemical reaction.

I do hope others do not have this problem and I have to say that a friend of mine is using it upon my recommendation and she is NOT having these problems. She has well water. I would advise anyone that is interested in making your own laundry soap to test wash some things that you can afford to lose. Try pouring it on the items and letting it sit and dry, then wash it. I mean, seriously if you bought store bought you would expect it not to stain, but rather to clean your clothes, right?! In closing if there is anyone out there that can recommend a good cheap laundry detergent, please let me know. I saw in the Wal-Mart sales flyer today that Tide Coldwater was $18.48 !!!!! ... and that was a Rollback.... let's say that will NOT be making my list of considerations.

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  1. I used to make homemade laundry soap as well. i stopped because it was not getting the stains out and I was washing the clothing twice. I use gain. I do not mind the price. And we looove the smell.


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