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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How I "Spice It Up" With My Favorite Spice -- Cooking Ahead Series PART 2

My top five seasonings are: Salt, Onion Powder, Paprika, Garlic Powder, Bay Leaves.

(Maybe pepper ought to be on here, but as much as I use it I could probably do without it. It does get a mention, at least, for the fact that it just makes things "taste cooked".)

And the winner is... drumroll, please... Onion Powder! I bet you thought I was gonna say garlic. I L~O~V~E Onion Powder. It started with me not wanting real onions in my tuna. I did not like raw onion no matter what it was in. Oddly, my fifth pregnancy changed that for some reason. Anyway, I wanted that onion taste without the crunchy raw onions. It just kind of grew from there. I tried it in baked beans and omitted the onions.... loved it! Same thing with potato salad. I mean, what is with all the raw onion lovers out there... well, I like them now some. Next was hamburgers! I make the patties and sprinkle with s&p and a heavy dose of onion powder. I also sautee onions to go on my burgers. Moving own to another big thing at our house... Thin pork chops sprinkled with s&p and a heavy dose of onion powder and then, broiled. It doesn't stop there... Chicken chunks sprinkled with s&p and a heavy dose of onion powder and then, broiled. I have to have it in almost every soup I make and even in spaghetti sauce. I almost forgot... I use it in browned ground meat that I use to make meaty cheese dip and Picadillo Quesadillas.... oh yeah, and on my loaded french bread and french bread pizza. Are you getting hungry, yet. Of course, I love it in Roast, also. I now use the onion soup mix to do my roast, but I used to buy the 50 cent spices and use the WHOLE THING in one roast!!

So, does that give you any meal ideas? Or does it just make you hungry?!!!

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