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Saturday, April 18, 2009

It's Raining, It's Pouring .... Refashioned Dress?!

It's Raining.
It's Pouring.
I'm finally sewing!
Well, it is just a quick "refashion" that I promised Sierra about a month ago. We were at a yard sale and a held up this Trendy Junior' Tank Top and I saw a sundress!! I held it up to Sierra and knew it would be the right size. I asked how much it was and the lady said it was 25 cents!! Well, that sealed the deal.. even if I never got to it.
Originally, I thought I would use it just like it is and just take it up a bit in the back to fit around Sierra's chest. The only addition would be a strap around the need in a solid fabric/ribbon. I have to say I just don't like that straight across the chest look too much on my kids and the more I thought about it I knew that I would be "bothered" by it when I would see it on her. So I decided to give it a little shape around the bodice. Nothing fancy.... just quick and easy (see last pic).
So, this is how it turned out and Sierra loves it and says it is "beautifulish"! I have not sewn for her like I have for Savannah, so she really gets excited to get something... umm, and Savannah is a bit jealous, I think. So, guess what I will be doing next!!? Savannah does understand, but you can still tell she wants something, too.

The chopsticks in her hair were to get her hair out of the way for try-ons, but she thinks she is Chinese when they are in her hair. Even strangers have said that she looks like a little China doll (especially as a baby), so it is very fitting for her to have chopsticks in her hair. I find it interesting that some things are the way they are .... oddly... Her favorite animal has always been a Panda and she is drawn to Chinese types of things and even speaks Chinese some thanks to Chik-Fil-A and cartoons on TV.
So, you see I just serged the edge and folded it down to where I wanted... Nothing perfect. When I sew for my kids we sew for it to work and get through with sturdy seaming, but as long as it looks good on the outside I don't care too much about the details inside. When I sew to sell I do all that details stuff... even used to add my own hang tag. Anyway, I think using topstiching is my secret to no one knowing all that when my kids wear it. I can't say enough about how much simple topstitching adds to the quality of clothing.


  1. Good job with the dress. I would never thought of changing it. My brain doesn't think like that. I wish I could sew. I can't even get the bobbin thread in the needle. I got a sewing maching for Christmas two years ago, but only used it once, and it was for scrapbooking! :) Maybe I'll take a class this summer and teach my seven yr old girlie girl. She'd love it.

  2. Really CUTE! Was it that long to begin with, or did you have to add some length? Tell Sierra that she looks so lovely! Funny, I made Anaiah a redo dress today...all the rain....thank GOD we didn't loose power...Sewing keeps me quiet these days. I will have to start lookin' for some halter tops....

  3. I did not add anything but thread to this refashion. I actaully lost length when I cut the elastic off the top. I started to pick it out with a seam ripper. Then, I thought... ya know the point of this was to be fast.... out with the seam ripper and in with the scissors. I could have just added the straps and it would have been 2-3 inches longer. By the way, this top was a junior size M.

    And to Jennifer: YOU CAN!! YOU CAN!!


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