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Monday, April 27, 2009

We were studying Birds...

Okay, since I stumped TWO of you that is enough for me!!! I am so suprised you did not know what the pic was. Are you both tricking me to make me feel good???!!! Not serious... I guess I believe you... and it does make me feel good in some strange way that even I do not quite understand that you two do not know what this pic is. I must be having a "needy" moment. Cody is usually the one needing an ego boost... hmmm, so that is what it feels like... strange for me. And now is the time that I can officially apologize to the world for normally feeling way over-confident. Sorry world... especially Cody and Michelle for putting up with arrogant me... Okay, On with the BIG REVEAL!!

Birds... that was the missing word. We were studying birds! We did some W~E~I~R~D stuff to a chicken egg for our Science project. Have you heard of the rubber egg project or the soft shelled egg project? It is so simple because you only need an egg, vinegar, and a bowl/jar. We used a clear jar for observation. I am NOT posting pics of all that, because you should do it and see it yourself. In place of vinegar we did try to use pickle juice in an effort to be frugal, but that did not appear to be working. The following were our OBSERVATIONS:

(And don't read this just yet, if you plan to do the project)

Natural Egg--
Savannah = Bumpy, white, no noise
Sierra = It's hard. There is something in it.

Egg Place In Vinegar - IMMEDIATELY --
Savannah = covered in bubbles; starting to float; It looks like and ocean plant.
Sierra = It has a crack.

Egg Place In Vinegar - 1 HOUR --
Savannah = It's foaming.
Sierra = It's foaming.

Egg Place In Vinegar - SEVERAL HOURS --
Savannah = Soft, Slimey
Sierra = Soft, Slimey

Egg Place In Vinegar - NEXT DAY --
Savannah = Where's the shell?
Sierra = Soft, Slimey, Gross

*Our yolk slipped out of the shell because I had slightly cracked it when placing it in the jar. I let the kids "observe" that, also. They made a mess as you can imagine.

Due to the yolk slipping out our egg collapsed. We set it aside for further experimentation.

Collapsed Soft Egg - NEXT DAY -- See the picture from the previous post!! This is what we found.
Savannah & Sierra = Cool! It's hard now. Cool! Ooops, it cracked [when they squeezed it].

~~~This was a super cool experiment and amazing to see it work. I highly recommend it!~~~

~~~I can't wait to try this with chicken bones and tie them in a knot!~~~

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