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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Time For Some Funnies!!

A few times recently, Sierra has been coloring. For the skin for people she is coloring I have heard her say, "He has a tanburn. Ooooh, and a tanburn hurts!"

Savannah just walked up to my computer and said, "Momma can you play Deal or No Deal on that thing?" She was pointing to the "DELL" name on it.
I grinned and said, "You are so silly. That says Dell, the name of the computer."
She walks off grinning and saying casually, "Oh, I didn't know." She even thinks she is funny! I love that she can laugh at herself. Recently, she has started giggling after everything she says and her Daddy gets such a kick out of that.

And why is it that Caden can sing, "A, B, C, D, E, G, H, K, J,.... " and I think he is a genius?!

I love the things they say. In fact I often think that if they weren't so darn cute in looks and the things they say we would never make it through parenthood! ;) Many times over the years I have said, "Thank God they are cute!" when we are in the heat of a tantrum. I am not really talking about their looks here, either. I mean, I am ... bear with me this is confusing... not MY KIDS looks.... I think they are beautiful, but all kids are. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and Momma's always think their darlings are the most beautiful... even the ones that have funny ears or odd head shapes or more serious imperfections. They are beautiful to me in all their "normalness". I would love them no matter what!! Anyway, on with the funnies...

Caden is chasing bugs right now. He suddenly turned all boy a couple of months ago and is loud and talks constantly about lawnmowers and tractors, boats... all that stuff and runs around making "Rrrrrruuummm.... rrrrRRRRR rrruuumm" noises as he shifts gears. The funny thing is that he is the sissy of my group! He is chasing the bugs and screaming the whole time! Screaming like a little girl!! Last week at lunch a fly had gotten in the house and kept landing on Caden. He would scream and go hysterical, then suddenly burst out laughing (very loudly) at himself while shouting, "Booog! Ahhhhhrrrrrrr!" (that's "bug" followed by a growling sound).

Another funny thing about Caden that just bewilders me is when he gets caught with something he is not supposed to have (i.e. markers, pens, scissors, candy,... chef's knives) I can say, "Caden, give that to Momma. Caden, you are in trouble and you have to give that to me right now." He simply grins and looks at me ... or runs off with it. As soon as I say, "Girls, get that from Caden, please." He will run and give it to me!!! That just happened with the scissors!! And for those of you who think I am a mean Momma for not letting him play with scissors, he does get to during craft time. I do not let my kids freely roam with scissors for fear of bald, gapped up haircuts or newly designed furniture! ;)

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