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Friday, May 22, 2009

Yearly Schedules

In our short homeschooling journey I have been pondering schedules lately... not just the day to day rituals, but rather the Yearly Schedules. I think this is pretty radical for a newbie homeschooler, but I am thinking of schooling year round. My thoughts on this are:
  • We could avoid the Summer Memory Loss Syndrome and avoid so much focus on reteaching those "lost" skills.
  • We could feel free to take days or weeks off at leisure throughout the year without worrying about "getting behind". On days we have appointments we could just take the whole day off without concern and enjoy or venture out if the house. I could call a cleaning week break... or day.
  • When we hit the "blahs" we could have a "holiday" and address the issue causing the "blahs" and start again refreshed.
  • I still would seperate school years sometime in the Summer with a one-two week Summer Break.
  • I am thinking of using the whole month of December to focus on mostly "Other" activities. At our house that is stuff other than the 3R's. Maybe do the 3R's one or two days a week during that time to keep it fresh.
  • I have heard of people doing 6 weeks on and 1 week off, etc. Those intrigue me, but with a toddler and baby in tow I like the idea of waking up one morning and looking at the chaos and saying, "No school today. We are going to focus on ______ today." If someone is sick, we can have the flexibility to deal with those issues.
  • ...and on and on and on.... :)

For all my loyal commenters out there what Yearly Schedule do you follow? What makes it work for your life? Do you like flexibility or structured? Or both combined? Do you have any tips for my Random Yearly Schedule?

I have to say that I am a person who desires structure; however, as God has blessed me with children I have had to be willing to change a lot. Since we began homeschooling I have struggled with my desire to be structured, but be flexible. We drop everything for "company". I want my kids to value relationships and not have their head in academics all day, but how do you do that and stay on track with academics. I think the key for us will be to spread out the academics year round.


  1. This year we are schooling all year. I'm sick of memory loss in the fall. I think you're wise in your decision. My hubby only works 9-10 days a month and has a lot of "4-dayers" so we can up and leave in the middle of winter while everyone else in in school. I planned to only do math and reading in the summer. That's the most important to me. Then in August we're gonna start with our curriculum. Good luck.

  2. I think that you will find such liberty with this schedule...I too have been throwing the 3 weeks on and 1 week off all year idea around. Use that 1 week for funtrips,appointments .... major grocery shopping, things like that. I like the flexibility of being able to do what ever I want whenever I want....homeschool is great!!!

  3. Like you, I am constantly trying to figure out our schedule because I too like structure. With babies, things are constantly changing. We started school in Sept.,took a fall break this year to visit grandparents and went on a once in a life time trip to Israel this Spring. I only have one schooling at this time (with 2 others who are not.) I also like to finish all of our materials even if we have filled our days. Science and some SS fell by the side this year so we will spend summer doing those things. I have recently learned that our little guy will do anything to get to stay up a little longer-even school work! We will have a K in the fall. I hope to start with her this summer as it will make it easier to manage with more than on in the fall. I will be curious to hear what works for you.

  4. I love how flexible homeschooling can be! I think we'll probably have a light summer schedule...2-3 days per week...and maybe do a fun unit study or something that the girls are really into.

    One thing to consider... I don't know how close your neighbors are to you, but our neighbors all go to public school and I think it would be hard for my daughters to hear them playing outside in the summer if they had to do school work. Just a thought. :)


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