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Monday, August 24, 2009

Flashback Fun Photos!

Yep, that is Savannah's finger poked in the mouth of her NEWBORN baby sister! (gasp!) But isn't it just so precious. Now when they are fighting we remind Savannah that she prayed to have this little baby sister. She prayed relentlessly that God would send her a baby sister... not a brother at that point in her life, but only a sister would do. We had many talks about how God would send us what we need and we would love it no matter what, but she was quite pleased to get her pick.

My kids never seem to get enough of babies and they always want another one.... although we are not planning to fulfill their requests ... hehehe! Tonight Savannah wanted so badly to rock Sahara, but Sahara was having nothing of it. She wanted her momma only and none of that rocking stuff from her sister. Savannah had even brought her little rocker in here and a pillow to prop "her baby" on. Savannah was so desperate to rock a baby that she tried to capture and force Caden to let her rock him, but he wasn't going for it either. I told her she needed to just get a baby doll and be done with it and she said, "I don't want a baby doll. I want a real live baby to rock!" It was so sweet and cute! So, I was looking through old photos and how appropriate that I would come across this one of Savannah and her baby Sierra. I LOVE it!

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