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Friday, August 7, 2009

The Last Conference of the Summer... I think ;)

Well, we made a last minute decision to attend the Texas Home School Coalition Convention and I am so glad we did. Crazily, this is the third conference I have attended this summer. I attended one at the beginning of the summer and it was a blessing in the end, but not quite what I was thinking it would be. I walked away with a lot to think about... some good... some not so good. In the end it was a major turning point in my thinking... like I said, some good... some bad. I have spent the summer really sorting through my thoughts and my mixed feelings. A couple of weeks ago I seriously started thinking that maybe homeschooling might be a mistake after all. Anxiety began to set in about the beginning of our homeschool year. Conviction reminded me that God had revealed to me that if I could just look at it long term, then I would see it would be the best thing for our family.

This summer I also got a glimpse of homeschooling that I did not like as much... I won't go into all that, but I have seen a side to it that does not appeal to me as much. My kids are in a position to be hurt by the decision to homeschool in some ways that are hard for me to come to terms with. I have seen their hearts being broken some this summer and my kids are already used to too much heartbreak within relationships outside the doors of our home. Now I do realize I can not protect them from all heartbreak, so we made another important decision this summer that I initially did not want to do. I decided to enroll them in a local homeschool co-op where they will attend classes twice a month. I am not interested in the classes really, but rather have made this decision in an effort to encourage the forging of new friendships with children that are leading similar lives to theirs. So, yes... we did decide to continue homeschooling.

The next thing I did was attend a smaller local conference that made it's debut. The Mid-County Home School Confence and it was such a blessing. The workshop sessions were honestly better than the conference I attended at the beginning of the summer (... uhem.. partially because they were all presented by fellow homeschoolers... rather than people that have never homeschooled... I think that is important... just me and my point of view). Being at that conference calmed my anxiety... roughly by about 90 percent!! So, I got to thinking that maybe one more conference would do the trick, if it was good.

We decided (after I bore my poor husband with all my thoughts and wishy-washy discussions) that it was worth a shot to attend the Texas Home School Coalition Convention. Maybe it would be just the thing to calm those last little bit of nerves. The timing is not so good, but maybe it is just the right timing... My husband returns to his job as a public school teacher on Tuesday following the conference and I am beginning our homeschool on Monday. Anyway, good timing or not we are here and I am glad we made the decision to come. I have never seen this many homeschoolers in my life. It is almost unbelieveable and it really makes you realize that so many people are switching to homeschooling their kids. They are just everday normal people. I "stepped on some toes" after attending the first conference when I jokingly (half jokingly and half seriously) made some comments about my concerns about what my kids would turn out like. I am sorry to those that may have been offended, but I am human... not a perfect being. I do not want my kids to be outcasts or considered strange. And no, I do not want them to be worldly either.. I want them to set themselves apart from the world as Christians (and they already do). If it came down to their salvation or being popular or trendy, then I, of course, would want them to be saved nerds with really out-dated clothing. :) It is great to see that the vast majority of homeschoolers just blend in and do not look strange.... come on.... we have all thought it.... and you should know that I for the most part have no style and need to lose 20 pounds... can't stand make-up , but wear it when I feel I have to... am toooooooo talkative to a fault... dress my kids in hand-me-downs and mostly bargain clothing (although I am choicey most of the time when we are out of the house)... I am not at all trendy and if it remotely appears that way it is only after a shopping spree (rare)... I wear buns and funky ponytails to avoid styling my hair... I am NOT trendy or in-style most days ... nor care, so I don't really have huge vanity issues... BUT I still feel I have an obligation to not make my kids outcasts, etc., if it can be prevented... I want to make them well rounded individuals to the best of my ability (AND GOD'S, OF COURSE). All that to say I am feeling bettter after a trying summer about our homeschooling decision. And I have met some phenominal people homeschooling!!! (more on that later... got to sleep... it is after midnight and the bed is calling)


  1. I'm glad you decided to stick with it. I had those very same doubts. But here I am, about to start my third year and I still have worries. They get smaller, but they really never go away. But it's good. They keep you on your toes. You worry because you care. That's good. People I run into are always surprised that I homeschool. "You don't look like a homeschooler," they tell me. I admit I had a preconceived idea of what HSers looked like. Then there were those on my street that fit the bil completely. So I wasn't sure I wanted to do this. But when I went to my co-op for the first time...WOW!! Everyone looked like me. all the kids were "normal" and some of the moms are my dearest friends now. I pray you will enjoy your co-op. It will be good to be around other like minded people. I have found that online groups are a lifesaver also. I have a few yahoo groups that I'm a part of in my area. We have park days every week. The kids and I have made so many friends there. I am so blessed to find all these wonderful ladies. If you haven't already, I'd look some up in your area. They will be a blessing to you also.
    And yes, you need conferences with people that actually homeschool. What's the point of having them teach you to do something they aren't doing?
    Take a deep breath, pray and jump right in. This is a learning curve. The first full year is the hardest. But, don't give up. God gave you this desire, so he will help you through.

  2. Many look at homeschooling like it a calling or a choice that we are to make as Christians. When we do that, we cal also confuse our doubts and feelings of inadequacy as God calling us to put them back into the system. I had all of those same doubts that you describe for the first couple of years. Once I looked at homeschooling as obeying God's commands rather than a choice, amazingly, I haven't questioned it once. It takes the choice away. Similarly, once one realizes that God says that divorce isn't an option for believers, we don't consider it as a choice for our marriages.

    I'm glad that you've decided to persevere!
    Be not weary in well doing, for in due season you shall reap if you faint not ;D

  3. I get you! Why do homeschoolers need to give us such a bad name. I've gone to homeschool fieldtrips and kids look and act so wierd! But there are a lot of normal families who homeschool too:) I too am so glad you decided to continue. I think your kids will like the co-op, I know my kids do. Were all here for you...and were not dorks:) haha

  4. Oh Shannon! For some reason posting on your blog seems much more meaningful now that I have met you and seen your heart! Do NOT be discouraged! Do not focus on what society would think of you! This is discouraging yes, but a battle you will never win! i struggle with the same things! But all in all, I have come to see that our decision to homeschool is far better than any opinion man can have if you or your little ones! It is a fear tactic the enemy will use to distract you from where your real focus should be! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! You DO NOT talk too much! i had so much fun talking to you at the conference!!!! Your children are so blessed to have you as a mother, and your husband is blessed to have you as a wife!!!! Have confidence in yourself and see what I saw when I met you!!!! You are a Godly mother , who has been called to stand up for the rights and hearts of your children!!!! Do not worry about appearance! That is the Lord's burden to carry for you! Rest in him and know that as long as you are following what he has for you, you will be fine! if you do not like make up...don't wear it!!! Again! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! You have such an amazing heart!!!!! And yes, I know it hurts us to see our children go through heartache, but the Lord always uses those things for his glory!!! I am so sorry that you are feeling like this! I know what an isolating feeling this is!!! You are not alone!!!! I will be praying for you!!!! Please email me ANYTIME YOU FEEL LIKE THIS!!!!!!! Love, Tara

  5. I met you at the conference and now I am going to start following your blog!!! LOL tell your husband...I'm sure he will laugh at us again! We are all definitly in need of people we have something in common with. I know what you mean about appearing weird to everyone else. Tara is right, this is the enemy putting fear in us. This walk is not easy, but that dosen't mean we should turn and run. He never said "I will make everything easy" He said "I will take care of you"(that is not an exact quote.LOL)Please don't give up we are all this together....we can make it!!!BTW (If it gives you hope for your children's future)My husband is a homeschool graduate and he has no college degree (although he is VERY smart, he has never felt God leading him that direction) God has blessed us because we have tried to trust Him. He is faithful!!


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