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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm Still Around

Really, I am still around. I have been reading A LOT this week... reading the Manager's of Their Schools book by the Maxwell's... tending to two sick babies... fevers go crazy high here... (103.3 while maxed out on Motrin and Tylenol 8( ... sleepless nights.... laying low on school.... making pizza.... and muffins... bagging up clutter... bye-bye toys :) ... organizing leftover clutter ;) ...setting up a school area for my littles... yes, a one year old and two year old... watching them and marveling at them... You know you are doing something right when your 13 month old is rocking and singing to her baby doll and tops that all off with a kiss! Preciousness! (sssshhhhh!... but you should see the tantrums she throws.... nasty little temper this little angel has!)... this week I witnessed Caden (2)"rejecting" and invitation to participate in craft making... it was eye-opening because I knew why... it is the way we have "rejected" letting him participate in the past... shame... hence, the need to set up his own desk with Sahara in an attempt to undo the damage we so carelessly did... I actually haved started a library listing of puzzles, books, and manipulatives... I have so much that I forget and am not utilizing it... boring worksheets can easily come alive in another way... Yesterday, I realized I have two 0-9 puzzles and pulled them out for Sierra (5) who quickly stated it was "too easy"... until I dumped both in the floor at the same time and tossed the puzzle base to the side... tested numbers 1-20... and could go up to 99 for the future... great find amongst my clutter!... Anyway, about that pizza.....

I have made a lot of pizza at home... some good... some bad.... I'm not saying this is the best ever, but it is quick and everyone here likes it... through a lot of trial and error....

The secret is the simple crust.... in a quest to copy Pizza Hut I found something that said to add onion powder into your crust.... and I tried their recipe, but I came back to something simpler... my roll recipe (or rather, Cody's aunts' roll recipe).... so, I want to share this simple meal with you, so when you are out of bread like I was today and need to pull something together quick you will have this as a back-up option.

My Pizza Quickly
2 cups flour
2 T Shortening
3/4 cup warm water
1 T Yeast
2 T Sugar
1 T Onion Powder
Sprinklings of Garlic Powder
Ready Made Sauce (I used Hunt's Traditional today)
1 lb. block of Monterey Jack Cheese (weird, huh... you can use another if you have a fav... this is creamier than Mozz. and the flavor is better)
Toppings of Choice
So, I am going to tell this how I make it and skip all that "let rise, punch down, knead this... blah, blah, blah...:
Turn the oven on 400'. I put the dough hook on my mixer. Into the mixing bowl I put in the flour and shortening AND ONION POWDER. I put 3/4 cup of water in the microwave for 10-15 SECONDS (water should be warm, NOT hot). I add the yeast to the water and then, I add the sugar (to feed the yeast). I stir this to dissolve the yeast. You can let this sit for a few minutes for the yeast to proof, but I did not today. I turn on the mixer on LOW and pour this yeast water mixture into the bowl. Let the mixer run for a few minutes and do all the work for you. :) Meanwhile, spray some non-stick cooking spray on a large cookie sheet (or divide amongst smaller pans... or if you a really good Momma let your kids make their own little mini-pizzas... I was not that good of a Momma today... LOL!). During the mixing I grabbed a block of cheese and a grater and grated my cheese. Stop the mixer and remove the dough. Hand knead it a couple times and start ot shape it into a round flat circle (or whatever). Lay it on the baking sheet and carefully spread it out (1/4" thick). Now it is time to make it "your creation". Before I added anything I sprinkled garlic powder all over our crust very lightly. I also, took this moment to sneak in finely chopped pepperoni and roast chicken, then spread sauce over that and the cheese. On 1/4 of the top I added chunks of chicken. Bake in the oven at 400 degrees.

Sahara is rocking and singing to her baby... I think she is breastfeeding, too! LOL!
Okay, maybe not, but she could be. She is still looking a bit puney from being sick, but she is on the mend!!

I am one brave Momma to give these two little ones an area of their own. They can sit here and color and look out the window to their hearts content! Caden is so cheesy!! They are going to be so cute learning together at their little desk. I was just thinking today that it is very likely that I will teach them together at a similar level for much of their learning, because it will make it so much easier when the time comes..... what's a "grade" anyway!! They will be Pre-K and K at the same time!!! Whooo hooo!! That will be much easier to combine than K and 3rd like I attempt to do with Sierra and Savannah.


  1. Homeschooling is so flexible. Isn't it great? BTW I use the Spectrum woorkbooks for spelling and phonics. They meet the state standards for each greades. So I know if they can do it, they are right on with public schools. Not that it really matters to me. :)

  2. What a week! I hope the fevers have left the house now.


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