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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's Going To Take Me Awhile...

It's going to take me awhile to get into posting these weekly My Father's World posts. Life happens in a crazy manner around here. Everyone is well, but we have three days this week that are full of scheduling conflicts! 8l I am finding that some days we have to skip our lessons or do only part of it, but I like that we can squeeze two days in together because the lesson activities go together so well. An example of that would be that today we were supposed to make our ships and sail them, but we had surprise company. So, tomorrow we will do that portion of the lesson along wth the Scinece with Air portion where you use air to blow paper around. We will blow the paper around and then , blow our ships around in the same manner. I love that we have that flexibility!

I am also trying to be very detailed with my posts... partially for my readers... partially as a way of journalling what we do in our homeschooling... partially so when I do these lessons again I will have it to look back on in a few years. Please bear with my over detailing. It won't bother me if you just scan for what is relevant to you! ;) It is all relevant to me, obviously. ;) Please let me know if there is anything specific you would like to see our version of. I will be happy to d a post or answer your questions!

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  1. Shannon, I know what you mean...things happen and I get off track but I'm trying to relax about it. :) I like the detailed posts. I plan on looking back at mine too when I do these lessons again with my littler ones. Besides, it's such a great memory keeper and a good place to process as you write about your day. Have fun with your ships today :)


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