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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Meek and Quiet...

Ahhhhhh... to be meek and quiet... must be nice! I wanted share this for any of you out there who struggle in this area. I am reading this book right now:
Homeschooling With A Meek And Quiet Spirit
by Teri Maxwell
available on the http://www.titus2.com/ website.
(and I am not getting paid to advertise for them... just paid by the blessings it is to read their books!!)

I have to be totally honest here... I have never desired to have a meek and quiet spirit. Well, maybe a little, but for the most part I think we are raised thinking we are supposed to be bold and brassy and get it all "OUR WAY" all the time. I think we are so programmed to think that the world is all about US and what we can get out of it... We are generation of tantrum throwers and fit pitchers and we are much like infants falling on the floor hammering our fists away in a big ole ridiculous fit!! It is all about me, me, me and "what I need to get out of this" in every situation we encounter. This summer I attended a workshop and one of the presenters made a comment that when you begin your homeschooling journey God will start to work on your "issues". She confirmed for me what I had already been experiencing, but you think you must be the only one on the planet with "issues".
A few years ago I started watching the occasional episodes about this mega family on TLC, The Duggar Family. I think I have seen EVERY episode ... seriously, from when they only had thirteen children. I DVR it and watch it like it is my "How do I do it all?" session. My thoughts are that if they can do it with all those kiddos, then I can surely learn from them... and I have! I have learned so much and they even played a huge role in my decision to home school. But the thing that strikes me as interesting the most probably is their spirit about doing it all. How does one maintain that calm? And how did they ever get that way to begin with? How is it that they are so soft spoken and gentle, yet respected and obeyed? Was it all their parents doing? Or is it more than that? Is it simply a choice they have made... whether deliberately or not? Over the last year I have been tested and ~wow!~ have I ever failed hard! Homeschooling has brought out all my "issues"... I have had to search myself deeply. I desire that meek and quiet spirit that I see in the Duggar home, but I think I had resolved to the fact that it was just not "my personality" and that was something that I could not fully change; HOWEVER, I made another discovery this summer that would change AND CHALLENGE that thinking. I was so blessed to obtain some of the Maxwell books for a huge bargain (you know me.. gotta get it on the cheap... most of the time). I read the book "Manager's of Their Home School" (review coming one day) and I was quite to read that Teri Maxwell spent many years battling depression an anger issues. Wow! I had built her up in my mind to be one of "those" perfect homeschool moms! She clearly admits that is just not so and I have been so blessed by her sharing such personal details of her life to help others. I decided that I needed to read more about what she had to share and I went to the Titus2 website and ordered this book along with the study guide (for only a couple dollars more)... and a collection of family novels written by their daughter, which I can't hardly wait to read. "Homeschooling With A Meek And Quiet Spirit" is a thin book which it makes it very attainable to reach the goal of completing reading it. I am loving it.. and not because it is just enjoyable to read, but because I know it can help me change my spirit. I highly recommend it even if you have only small "issues". This is my plan for reading the book:
  • I am going to read through it all the way one time, while answering the "Application Project pages" only in my mind for now.
  • I am going to re-read the book along with the study guide and journal my thoughts for the "Application Project pages" and the questions that are included in the Study Guide.
  • Then, I am going to do it, again.
  • Then, again...and again... until who knows when.... that is my goal.
We should all desire a meek and quiet spirit... and we should all know that it is possible!!


  1. Sounds like a great book! Just an encouragement to remember that it is Christ alone who gives us the strength to have a meek and quiet spirit. :) Any attempts to achieve it on our own will surely fail. (Talking to myself here as well)

  2. I don't think anyone is born with a meek and quiet spirit. I think it is just not "natural" But God can help us change, right... I have the book and have read it but just reading it doesn't do the trick, I have not put everything in it into practice. I did met the MAxwells at a small conferance they hosted here a couple of years ago, she appears very meek and quiet, it just lets you know APPEARANCE isn't always what it seems. And we all have "issues" Let us know what you think of it after your done!

  3. I think through prayer and faith God can help us change or learn to "manage" our issues. As with any spritual gift I do believe that God can give us this gift if we have faith...and no, I don't think we can get it on our own... but with God all things are possible. I know I am "quieter and meeker" after I read and meditate on the words in this book... I think I am "training" myself to be "quieter and meeker"; however, I think it is only through including prayer in this that God will grant this gift... Who knows? One day I might reach that goal?..you, too if you desire it. ;) We have to try...


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