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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Frugal Series, Part 5: More About Coupons

Remember this... Coupons are a marketing tecnique. It is advertising! You have to remember it is a system that is designed for the seller to make money. Yes, you can save some money sometimes with coupons, but overall you WILL spend more than you save (*with exception to those that buy that item only with a coupon and only when it really is the best deal). The thing is that once you try "that" cereal your kids are going to beg for it everytime. Savannah's fav cereal used to be bran flakes. It was healthy... it was good... we were all happy. Then, that weird little bird starting singing about being "cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs" and sent out coupons all over the country. Savannah tried them in the store when the sweet lady was giving out "samples and COUPONS". Guess what she had for breakfast this morning?.... and any other time she can get away with. No, we did not buy it with a coupon... nor did I plan to buy them this time and search for a coupon ahead of time. I had two of my kids with me... they begged.... Sierra batted her eyelashes... they won... Yep, coupons will make you "cuckoo".

Again, I will say for those of you with a grocery store that triples and doubles coupons I would do that TO SOME DEGREE. Also, if you have a store that has lower prices for members take the two minutes to fill out the little card. I do that EVEN ON VACATION. Yes, I may never go there again, but would you pass up a dollar bill lying on the sidewalk. NO! Fill out the card because the savings are huge. I have done that all the way from California to Tennessee... NO KIDDING!! I may never use them again, but I saved money that time if nothing else. And no, I don't do it here because my stores don't do that. Fortunately, they just charge "mostly" fair prices. I go to the store and milk is $1.99 or $2.59 or whatever. I don't have to be a member to get that price versus the usual $3.99 like I have seen in a lot of states. There are no buy one for $3.99 or two for $4.99 weird sales (that one is big in New Mexico)... and I have to say I am glad, because I would so feel like I had to do the weird sales thing and get the best bargain.
I am SO going to have to tell you about our frugal vacationing! That will give you all a laugh! It's all about saving on the things that really don't matter to you and spending on the things that do.... uhmmmm.... next time... don't you love it when someone leaves you hanging?! LOL!


  1. I've tamed back couponing much more in the last few years as I've transitioned more over to less packaged foods, however I still scan sites like the coupon clippers or the coupon master every couple of weeks just in case I can put something together for a product I'll purchase anyway. I know I can make a healthier, cheaper version of the product from scratch.

    You've got me reminiscing about my all time favorite deal though that I was able to do around this time for the last 2 years. My store ran Quaker Oats 18 oz canisters as their loss leader and after a doubled manufacturers coupon, I made a profit the first year and paid nothing last year. Needless to say, I stocked up on a years worth of oatmeal!

    It doesn't look like Quaker is going to be running that coupon this year though (they already had one out for 1.25 on 2 which wouldn't have been as good a deal) Seems to me that the coupons aren't making as great of deals for those of us with doubling stores because they're higher value and requiring multiple products to be purchased.

  2. Again, I'm enjoying your post on coupons and being frugal. Can't wait to read about your frugal vacation. We have had a few, but I'm sure nothing like yours. :0)


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