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Monday, December 7, 2009

M. I. A. and Ponderings

I have been M.I.A. (Missing In Action)... and I do mean ACTION! In the last month I have packed up (and unpacked) for three trips out of town. Craziness! It has nearly killed me, I think. I have actually considered cancelling the trip we have been trying to plan for Christmas. We have been doing very little of our school and that just makes me feel awful. I try to "prioritze" and, of course, getting school done should be top on the priority list, but two of these trips have been to see out-of-state relatives and that is a high priority, too. We were able to visit with my husband's twin all the way from California and only have to drive the two hours to our in-laws. So much closer than the 20 hour drive to California! [And yes, we drive to get there.] The second visit was with my brother, his wife, and their six year old daughter and again, we only had to drive two hours to my parents house as opposed to the 10 hour drive to Alabama. The last trip was supposed to be a "joy ride" kinda two day getaway to recover from the other travels... let's just say it was not so much!

So, I awake this morning pondering what to do... Originally, I had planned to take the whole month of December off for a Christmas break and do only Christmas related schooling. The thing is we ended up taking off most of the month of November. Well, we did some schooling, but it was such a "half-effort" that I just do not think it was as beneficial as it could have been. I am totally glad that I decided to school year round because we seem to have to take a lot of off time. The recent months have also shown me that I am probably going to want to switch to four day school weeks, so we have day to run errrands, do shopping trips, appointments, visits with friends, Co-op days, "field trips", cleaning, etc. (all those things that still draw for our attention).

Just to throw in something random... I have not done Christmas cards! Not that that is really earth shattering, but I usually do send Christmas cards. Last year I did not do it because I just had made so many changes in my life with having a new baby and switching to homeschooling mid-year and trying to learn what I was doing. I was just "treading water" and trying to survive it all.... uh, same this year, too! LOL! Well, I guess I still have time.... we'll see if I get it done. ;) That is the thing.... if we don't do our "usual" school I could get some of these things done and the kids could be involved in it. Hmmm... and it is only really two weeks that I am talking about because we will be taking the usual time off that our public school takes off [remember my husband is a Teacher]. Anyway, I am just pondering it all and for me this year I have really been pondering how we will make school a "way of life" and life a "way of schooling"... not so much about a curriculum, but with them still learning and achieving the appropriate academics. By the way, I haven't mentioned that we are naming our school! For the most part it is decided that we will call it "Way of Life School". [Reasons for "naming" our school vary, but some of it is for the future when they need highschool transcripts.... some of it is so they can have a "school" to say they attended and not just saying, "I am homeschooled."... some of it is just for FUN!] I pondered a few variations: "Way of Life Academy", but our focus is not purely academic; "Way of Life Christian School", not opposed to that one for sure; "Way of Life School", just like the flow of it and the simplicity of what it says and the profound statement of it even with the simplicity. I obviously stayed away from my first choice with something about Little Things because they will not always be little and therefore, not want to be referred to as such in their teens. :)

Anyway, I just wanted to share my ponderings and let you all know I am out here still... alive and well exhausted!


  1. Glad you're back. I missed you. Don't feel bad about school. After having every sickness, known to man, in our house for the past 1 1/2 months I've decided to take off December. We're just doing math and reading. That's it!! We can "learn" later. I need less stress after dealing with all that, I need a break. And I figure if it rains in the summer and we're stuck indoors, I can sneak in a bit of learning.

  2. Hope you are not beating yourself up about all of this! You are doing a great job! And the beauty of homeschooling is that you can customize to to meet your needs.

    PS. We are going to Houston next week!

  3. Just wanted to let you know, you were missed. Enjoy these times together and don't worry about so much time off from school. Going year round gives you lots of time to get it all done.


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