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Friday, January 15, 2010

Character Study

I just found this Character Study on the internet and I wanted to share it here. [Also, a little secret is that if I post it here I will be able to find it again myself. ;) ] LOL!

I have not used any of it, but I looked at the one for patience and it looks doable. I am looking for something that the whole family can go over one Character issue daily together in a short amount of time... maybe during dinner or shortly after. If you have one you do as a family feel free to recommend one. I am not looking for lots of hands on activities... just a sort of devotional type thing. I have had the recommendation to do a Proverbs a day reading, but there is some of that I do not find age appropriate for my children. I also, have the chart the Duggar family uses that I am considering..... really I was looking for something with less to start with, but I could just pick and choose a few that I want to focus on. One idea I have is to choose seven (for the days of the week) and just do those daily to really drill in the Character areas I think we should focus on. Ideally, I think 5-15 minutes a day would be what I want to spend discussing it and then, of course, back it up through little moments throughout the day.


  1. The "Character" training sheet you have from the Duggards....along those lines is a "Character First" program that was designed for "Public" school character training, that puts it more on a child's level, but with out the scriptures. You could just add those. It has a coloring page, crafts and even some mini games to go along with each quality. I have used these for Sunday school lessons, homeschool, etc and just added the scriptures. Just a thought. I do agree for your children's ages, 5-15 mins. is a good amount of time to spend.

  2. Shannon, I just got the book called "Wisdom from the Millers" and it has a short story which focuses on different verses in Proverbs. We've done 2 so far and my girls love them (especially the older ones). I printed that Duggar chart too and we tried to focus on one per week (on a chart). I just needed to spend more time talking about / noticing and modeling them during the day. I didn't always do that :(


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