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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Answer To "Can You Guess..."

Sorry to keep you waiting. I posed the question a couple of days ago of what this is.

I got some very interesting responses. No, it is not new carpet and , in fact, if I get the chance for home renovation all the carpet is going to go. In fact, this pic is not even taken in our home. Yes, I hope the feet are clean... they look clean to me. ;) No, these feet were not ready for bed. In fact, they had a much more important duty on this day. We did not get a "manicure" on these feet, but they were in for quick soaking. ;) No, as far as we know there is no toe fungus... and after that comment I did zoom in on this pic to see if they look fungus ridden. LOL! And lastly, I do think they are adorable feet, too!

These feet have now been "washed white as snow". You see, these feet are sweet little baptism feet! My nine year old daughter, Savannah, was baptized Sunday morning. Standing there waiting I just could not help taking a picture of those sweet little feet.

And this is a pic of her coming up out of the water. Isn't that the most fabulous thing to get to see your child take that step in faith?! This is what is all about right here. And is such an exciting time. Full of questions, nervousnees, joy, and an eagerness to tell the world. When I say "this is what it is all about", don't misunderstand me. I don't mean that it is all about be simply proud of her. I mean, knowing that she truly understands what she is doing. Honestly, she made her decision some time back, but she did not understand it.... and she was afraid of drowning. ;) After many discussions over the last year she finally came to the conclusion that they would not drown her. She then became instantly ready to make her "Profession of Faith" in church and could hardly stand the wait until she was actually baptized.


Walk Down for Spiritual Counsel on January 24, 2010
Public Profession of Faith on January 31, 2010
Baptized on Sunday, February 7, 2010


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