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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Food Crisis in America !! MUST SEE TV!!

Saturday on PBS there is a show airing called Food, Inc. (listed as P.O.V.) that is a MUST watch show about the food in America and the dangers we do not even realize. The DVD can be ordered on www.pbs.org .

This show aired last night and I DVRed it and it took my breath away. None of it is a real shocker as individual facts, but as a whole it is mind blowing. I was down to one feeding in weaning my baby this week and today when I went to hand her a sippy cup of milk I felt a tremendous burden just giving it to her. Needless to say, she is grateful I watched the show. She has been nursed twice today due to my guilt! LOL!! But in all seriousness, you MUST watch this or order a copy. The price to order is almost $30, so it is pricey. It is worth buying to learn and educate yourself and the generation of kids we are raising up. Maybe you could go in with a friend and order a shared copy if the price is too much. I have mine on my DVR, so for me it was "free" (not counting the fortune Dish runs each month.... ahem!).

Please, please, please... mark your calendars.... set your TiVo or DVR thingys... You NEED to see it!! It could change your life. And make sure you watch the FULL two hours. At first you think there is nothing you can do because the situation seems hopeless, but there is something. It starts with what we buy and demand to have available. Don't buy the garbage... change a little at a time.... change one thing a week... You will want to have your own farm after you watch this thing!!!

Oh yeah!!! ........ And when you are done with that give your mind time to absorb it a little and then, go read this post http://heavenlyhomemakers.com/the-most-nutritious-sweeteners about the sweeteners that area available. In particular, click on the link that takes you to Dr. Mercola's website about HIGH FRUCTROSE CORN SYRUP and the way it is killing us all.

Now, if you have seen the Food, Inc. movie and read the High Fructose Corn Syrup article then, think on this. Not only is the high level of fructose dangereous for our bodies on epidemic proportions, but it is also being made with this genetically altered corn that is mentioned in the movie. So super scarey!!!

Some things I am doing to change already before this movie aired... some of these have been for allergy purposes and other reasons, but they are working and the go along with this:

  • I have been using less REFINED sugar. That means drinking more water and less Sweet Tea and Kool-Aid. My husband drinks Dr. Pepper, but I only allow the kids to about once a week.
  • I made banana muffins with honey (for the sugar -- reduce by 1/4 cup per cup) and coconut oil (for the butter -- reduce by half of what you would use of butter).
  • We have been using some honey on our pancakes rather than syrup. Syrup is mostly made with high fructose corn syrup unless you use a natural syrup like Pure Maple Syrup or Cane Syrup. READ THE LABELS... make sure there is nothing added to it. Try different types of honey to find one you like. I have three honeys here right now. One is local Wildflower Honey and that is great for allergies, but it is bitter to eat straight. You can not taste that bitterness in muffins, though. I have some honey shipped from Arkansas that was purchased on the Wal-Mart store shelf and it is sweet as corn syrup and has that taste. This one is great for everything, but you are not going to get the allergy benefits with this one. I think this one would even taste good as a drink sweetener (tea, etc.). The other honey is just one I had from travelling that has a great flavor (Sourwood Honey) that we use for whatever we want. The point is that all honey taste different, so if you do not like honey (I don't as much) try different ones, because I am gonna tell you that the Wal-Mart one has the most NON-honey taste to me. It is Great Value Clover Honey from Bentonville, Arkansas. I am not telling you to buy that one.... the best for you is the local honey in your area. One other sweetener that is not mentioned on the Heavenly Homemaker site is Stevia, so you might want to consider that. Anyway, more I am doing... instead of using margarine or butter I am using coconut oil some. NOBODY can tell here!!! Olive oil and other natural oils are a great way to change out your butter/shortening/margarine. Try it! You might like the change! You WILL be better off for it ... and save your kid's lives and your lives!


  1. Last I checked food inc is available as a watch instantly on netflix. It was a real eye opener for sure- we just wished they focused a little less in the end on changing the big business aspect of the issue and instead directed folks to local or even homegrown food. The fact is that the organic industry is poorly regulated & has been bought out by big corporations who hire lawyers whose job is solely to figure out how to get around the standards. For example when you buy eggs labeled as free range those hens are to provided with so much outdoor access a day. They see the word access and put a closed door on the facility so in the end they're not really free ranged.

    Obviously, I think the real control consumers have is when they take matters into their own hands ;)

  2. I will have to check into this for our family. We have been using different things and trying them out, it will be interesting to see the DVD.

  3. Thank you soooo much for this recommendation. We were appalled, to say the least! It has turned me back into a vegetarian and even my husband abhors meat right now.


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