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Saturday, April 24, 2010

MFW Insects (Update) -- Ants!

When I was writing my post about the Insect Week we did not have our ants, yet. As I was blog reading tonight I realized I never posted about the ant farm. The ant farm is truly wonderful. I had no idea we would love it so much. I mean, who LIKES ants?! Many times we look at them as just a nuisance.... especially when they are biting on our precious little babies. Those naughty ants are really quite fascinating. We were all glued to the ant farm.... we could not walk past it without checking to see what they were up to. It was really fascinating to see how they climb around in their tunnels. I thought they would simple walk on their little legs, but it is more like a gymanstics move. It is as if they are doing the splits while crawling through their tunnels. The tunnels are truly amazing to watch them build. And sometimes they try to do the impossible.... and achieve it!!! And they are funny.... like you will have this one ant lifting a fragment that is larger than him and obviously struggling under the weight of it.... stumbling and falling backwards.... getting back up to continue his impossible goal.... when along comes his buddy ant that just crawls right over his head without assisting or showing any concern for the struggling ant. ;) They seem to be on a schedule and most all will rest at once. And they seem to clean one another. They are very odd, fascinating creatures. And if you want to see a picture of an ant farm click here. Ours looked just like that... except with different children in a different house. I really can't post my own pics because it seems that one year olds like to throw cameras across the room and I am not saying she broke the shutter button off my camera, but I am saying that the shutter button was gone after the toss across the room. I did not notice for a few days, so it is possible that was a coincidence, but..... Hmmmmm.... my bet is that my camera flying through the room was a big factor in the missing button. And I am filing this under "Funny Things Kids Do", although I have to say that I do not quite think it is funny right now.... I do know that one day it will be funny... maybe. ;) On another note I do need to take more pics. I seem to lacking in that area these days. I am just trying to live life without necessarily documenting every moment.

{Thanks for reminding me aboout the ants Isabel} Everyone should go check out her fabulous blog!

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