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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

SETHSA Conference in Texas

I am just wondering if anyone out there is going to the SETHSA Conference here in Texas on June 4th and 5th. I will be there working some as a volunteer and I look forward to seeing some of you there.... hopefully, I will get a chance to meet some of that I have never met before! I will be leaving my family behind for the FIRST TIME EVER.... well, with exception to the times I have gone into the hospital to bring home a new baby. ;) Funny thing is that when I told Savannah the time frame I would be gone that is exactly what she compared it to, also. I really had not planned to go to this conference at all this year, but I got a chance to volunteer and attend the conference for free. You just can't bet that! And did I mention that they are providing the lodging for our group of ladies, also. It is a wonderful OPPORTUNITY... an opportunity to be of help and to gain some more insight through the workshops and a chance to put my hands on some materials and physically look through them. Another amazing thing for me as that I can leave my husband here with my kids to take care of them because he will have just finished up his teaching job for the year. He is officially off for Summer after this coming Friday. He is the one person that I trust my kids with. Without him looking after them I would not leave them. Another wonderful thing is that I am getting to take a team of ladies with me. It is an opportunity to share this blessing with them. I don't know alll their situations, but I know that going to conference can sometimes put a strain on the budget and I am just thrilled to get to offer this opportunity to this team of ladies. I can't hardly wait! Now I just have to go and get all my ducks in a row and get prepared.....

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  1. I won't be making it this year. It would be neat to attend since they are having it in a new location, but too many things going on the same weekend. Enjoy.


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