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Monday, October 18, 2010

Just A Few Pictures So You Know What These Kiddos Look Like

I thought I would share a few photos, since I am so bad about not doing that. Those little faces on my sidebar have aged by about a year and a half! Maybe some day I will update those! ;) For now I will just share a few snap shots that kind of reflect normal life around here.

This is Sierra doing a little of her math.... outside. We have been trying to get outside and enjoy the fabulous whether we have been having this fall. I wish it was like this most of the year! I could really get use to temps ranging in the 70s and mid-80s for the highs. Check out Sierra's giant marker she created while we were sitting here. She was quite proud of herself. I want to note that this year when I bought the new Crayola Washable Markers I was a little surprise by the solid black tube. I am quite impressed that Crayola made this switch for environmental reasons. The only down side that I have found is that when the cap is not on the marker you don't know what color you have. Or if your six year old mixes up her marker caps and you decide to borrow one you might want to read the tube BEFORE writing. Twice I have been surprised by the color that comes out on my paper. ;) This problem could easily be solved for pre-readers by putting a color dot or sticker on the side of the tube.

This is Savannah looking at her math book. She does a lot of "looking at it" as this is the first year we have used a textbook. She has had a hard time with this switch, but the math, Rod & Staff, is a great book. I am very pleased with the layout of the book. I do sometimes wish it was a workbook, though.

This pic is of Savannah, Sierra, and Caden.
They were ready to play cowboys and indians with another homeschool family. All those things are homemade stick horses. That mischevious grin that Sierra has is because she is pointing a toy gun at the camera. Caden is pretty excited, too. Can you tell?! Savannah is looking very tall and grown up in the pic with exception to riding her zebra stick horse. She will be ten next month and Caden will be four this week! Time is flying by!

I caught Caden "reading" to Sahara while we were doing some school work. This was a sweet moment. He was telling her about all the pictures of our family at the zoo in this little scrapbook. I love sweet moments like this because usually when they disappear for a couple of minutes around the corner it looks more like this.....

Ooooooh! That was bad day when Daddy got home.... we were very busy with schooling that day and time got away from me and we did not get it cleaned up before Daddy got home. We meant to. In fact, that is the only reason I took a pic. I thought I would show Cody what the missed out on.... but he got to see it himself. Not a good moment!

But you can't stay mad at this face long! Even with snack crumbs on his face he is pretty cute. All boy... All mischief... all mess maker and he is pretty good at recruiting Sahara to be his "partner in crime". They do get in a lot of trouble on a daily basis!


  1. hey, do you know what your having yet?
    boy or girl :)

  2. I don't know, yet. I wouldn't find out at all if it wasn't for the side of me that wants the closet ready. ;) I have been trying to decide if I want to wait a while or keep it a secret for a while after I do find out. Of course, people constantly ask and I would have a hard time not telling them. LOL!

  3. The children have really grown since this Summer at the convention. Savannah looks so tall. I just love the fall weather we are having. We even ate dinner on the back deck Monday night. Thanks for sharing the children's pictures with us. :o)

  4. Loved the pictures of the kids! Don't feel bad about the messy room...my entire house looks like that on a regular basis ;)


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