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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Level 2 Ultrasound Scans (Pics)

I just wanted to share the Level 2 Ultrasound scans that we had done this Friday.  These are the 3D images.  I loved seeing her moving around on the 4D images, but they would not let us video that.  Bummer!  The cord goes up her body and is tucked under her chin is these scans. No harm.  At first Cody was alarmed and thought it was around her neck.  At that point the ultrasound technician explained to him that even if it was it would not be cause for concern and they only get concerned when they see it wrapped around the neck twice.  Then, she showed us how it was coming up from the belly button, up her chest, over her shoulder, and under her chin.  Likely it is only staying there because she is snuggling it up and tucking her chin in. 
 In this first scan you can really see her features.  She looks like my others and has that same little nose.

She looks like she is really resting here, but let me tell you she was very active during this scan.  She kept kicking and punching the scan wand (transducer). 

In this one the tech zoomed up and cropped out the areas around the face to focus on the face.  Again, you can see that same little nose and if you look closely you can see that she has the same lips like all my others.  The top lip has very define "peaks" and to me her lips look a little on the "fluffy" side like her brothers.  And I can't tell you how much I love his big fluffy, juicy lips! 

I am glad we got the chance to see this little glimpse and check out all her parts to make sure she is thriving and I am so excited that we will soon be seeing her in real time soon.  I do however want to hold onto these moments of her squirmy little body safely tucked away inside of mine while I can.  They grow up way to quickly and every moment is a treasure that I don't want to rush! 


  1. I just learned of your blog!!! Glad I did! (We are in co-op together)

    Your little girl is just precious! And I do see the lips like your others! Isn't that amazing the things we can see these days? When Zechariah was in my womb, they told me he had Down Syndrome. We had many 3-D ultrasounds to keep an eye on him.

    Can't wait to see your little girl!

  2. WOW, your little girl looks amazing, I have a 3d ultrasound scan coming hopeful i get some great pictures like these. We have some normal scan photos which are ok but they do not look as good as this.


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