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Monday, March 28, 2011

Birth Surprises TIMES FOUR !!!

If you have been around here long, you will know that this series of posts about "birth surprises" has nothing to do with human birth.  It is all about these crazy rabbits we have.  We started with THREE rabbits and we have now had FOUR surprise litters.  We also had someone deliver a Lop to us that they needed to find a home for.  Ironically, they showed up to deliver the Lop as we were about to drive off when I was in labor with Sienna.... never a dull moment here!!! 

So, this past Friday we got another surprise litter... eight more babies!  Apparently, this rabbit bred on the same day she delivered her first litter.  Bllleeeeechhhhh!  What is it with these rabbits!??... don't answer that~!~  ;)  I thought we were in the clear on this one because she carried the litter for 32 days.  The rabbit books we have say that they typically deliver on the 30th day and there is little variance on this rule.  One of the babies died and we discovered that today.  So, she currently has seven living babies from this litter.  Our total for rabbits in currently 36 now and it is safe to say that we will be selling some "Easter Bunnies".  Serioulsy, we are just going to have several that are ready to go around Easter.  We plan to give some away to friends and the rest that we sale to will be for a small fee to offset some of the feed cost.  They are starting to go through some serious amounts of feed.  I try to get the kids to pull plenty of weeds to supplement their diet each day, but they have to be reminded.  If I forget to remind them, then it just does not happen. 

Anyway, we have bunnies running out of our ears!!! 

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  1. Shannon...Shannon...I can not believe this! Your house is overflowing with these babies!!! I am sure it's not funny to you, but, I had to chuckle!!! Usually crazy things happen to me, but I think this tops all!!!!!

    Maybe we will have to consider getting one afterall...

    BTW, I haven't commented on your other posts because I check to see if there is "to be continued" & if there is...I pass until I read "and this is the rest of the story"! ;)

    Praying for you!



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