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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

One Week Until Due Date

I am only one week from my due date and I go for my appointment tomorrow.  I really want to post some pics of my big ol' belly, but no one takes pics of me.  I tried standing in front of the mirror and taking my own pic, but that did not work out.  And someone little cute guy in my house lost the parts to my tripod, so I can't set my camera up and take a pic that way.  Hopefully, I will get a pic soon.  Maybe I can get Savannah or Sierra to take a pic for me.  Cody only takes pics of himself. :)  Men!  That's is all I am saying on that one.  My girls will do it, but I am not sure how good the pics will be.  I guess I will take what I can get, though.

My friend, Michelle, came over yesterday and she has not seen me in quite a while.  As soon as she saw me she said, "Oh my gosh!!!" and her fourteen year old son said, "That is the biggest belly I have ever seen!"  I laughed!  They have seen me with all my pregancies and I always get a really profound belly, but I was telling Michelle on the phone earlier that day that I thought I had gained 40 pounds this pregancy, but I can't see that it is anywhere but my belly.... none of the usual facial swelling or added pounds on other parts of my body.  I really do not understand where the 40 pounds is, except the belly.  I may be wrong, but I think I normally gain about 25-30 pounds.  It is something I try not to think about, so I don't remember exactly.  I mostly watch my body for signs of fat gain vs. belly gain and try not to think about the numbers.  Anyway, even though I had told Michelle about the 40 pounds I don't think she really "got it" until she got here and saw it.  My mother-in-law stopped by a couple of days ago and said that I reminded her of when she was pregant with her twins.  They still think I have an extra one hiding in there.  I don't, but my belly is crazy big!

Now you want to see don't you.... sorry... I will try to get a pic and post it.... ASAP! 


  1. Ha! You can't say all that and then NOT post a pic! It's cruel and unusual I tell ya! ;)
    I gained pretty much exactly 40 with both my first 2. I lost 30 first with my first one. Yeah lost 30 then gained 40. Thanks to give-me-an-IV-before-I-die-of-dehydration morning sickness. It was a wild ride. :p My second I didn't lose as much but still gained 40. Pregnancy gain is weird. But as long as you're not pigging out on twinkies 8 nights a week, it's probably just what you need to grow the baby you're growing. :)

  2. Lol, I agree...you can't tell about the belly and not show it! I bet you look wonderful, I am new to your blog and really anticipating the announcement of baby!


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