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Friday, March 4, 2011

What I Am Wearing For My Waterbirth

I am not extremely modest, yet I am.  I am very open and honest when discussion come up about the body and I don't mind other people touching my tummy.  In many situations I am quite comfortable showing my belly to other ladies and even have had a photo session in the past for belly shots.  Although, I must admit I have them put away for my viewing only.  I don't have issue with belly shots on the wall it is just that when it came time to hang MY belly on the wall I decided I was content with just having them for a keepsake tucked safely away in their envelope. 

But when it comes time to bare all.... really bare all... I have just not been comfortable with the idea of those present seeing it all for extended periods of time.  With a waterbirth that means there are some limitations on what I can wear.  Most ladies I see in birthing videos seem to go completely nude or wear a sports bra and go nude below the boobs.  That is not gonna be modest enough for me and I have been trying to decide what to do about this.  I was wanting something like a swimsuit, but with longer skirting.  I had considered cutting the panties out of a one piece maternity swimsuit that I have, but a couple of weeks ago we were out of town and I used it in an indoor pool and decided I liked it too much to cut it up.  I also considered wearing my prepregancy swimsuit tank top, but in my present condition it does not quite cover even my belly and therefore, would definitely not cover my "below areas". 

This is NOT what I am wearing, but it is a great sample of the type of thing that would work well in my opinion and is similar to the one I purchased.  Mine has no sequins or beads and is a black and white print.  I thought black was a little dismal for the birth.  I would have preferred a pretty color, but I only had two options in the Motherhood store I was shopping at. 
Short Sleeve Beaded Detail Maternity Dress

I can actually get some other use out of my dress as well.  I am not one to wear dresses this short, but I am considering wearing mine around the house for comfort in the coming weeks to get some extra use out of it.  I will use it for my water birth.  And after the fact it is very lightweight and I think it will work well for a classy little sleepdress and be nursing friendly due to the stretchiness of the top.  If you are looking at this type of thing for an option I would recommend you choose one that is lightweight and is stretchy Lycra blend.  Cotton t-shirt material would be too stretchy when wet... and too heavy. 


  1. That looks comfy! I thought I would need this at my first birth, but I then discovered something about myself. I can't stand anything touching me when I'm in extreme pain... that includes clothing. And transition is kind of the epitome of extreme pain in the life most women. So once I hit transition I shed it all and it's a good thing it was just me, hubby, and the midwife because I'm sure nobody else would have wanted to see that! They'd have had to burn out their eyeballs. Anyway... I'm normally a very conservative person. I don't bare any midriff and if a skirt doesn't nearly drag the ground I feel daring and half naked. If you can see any cleaveage over my neckline whatsoever you're definately taller than me and standing pretty close. But transition... all bets are off.

  2. The dress sounds really cute. And whether you decide to use it or not...at least you are prepared and have it...just in case. Plus, looks very comfy to wear around the house even after you have the baby.

    I know you think you talk my ear off with all the details, but I love hearing about it all. It is so interesting and I think this is what ladies should be doing...sharing their knowledge :)

    Girl, I am so excited for you guys! I hope you have a very productive week while on spring break. I can't wait to meet "Baby" Swafford and see the excitement on Sierra and Savannah's faces when they tell me all about their new sister. I love those sweet kiddos of yours :)

  3. That dress is awesome. Glad you found something your comfortable with. That is important. Can't wait to see pictures and hear the story of your new little girl. Praying you get everything done and ready before time. Blessings.


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