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Monday, April 18, 2011

Tongue Twisted

Kids are so funny! Savannah can not say "M&M" to save her life! "Em-an-Mim"... 10 years old and it has her totally tongue-tied.  But we are having great fun with her!  Everytime she says it she says it a different way.

And why is it that some things are tongue twisters for certain people.  Yesterday I was looking for the "blue broom".  The first time you say it is no big deal, but by the time you have gone through the house asking everyone where the "blue broom" is you start to stammer.  Pretty soon you are saying things like "blue bloom".... especially, when no one is listening to you and you have to ask each person about ten times.  ;)  So, I said, "Try saying that ten times fast!"  Interestingly, people actually hear you when you say something irrelevant (and not about cleaning).  Of all the people here my husband is the one that could miraculously say it with getting tongue-tied!  This is the man that I proclaim all the time "can't walk and talk at the same time", but he can say "blue broom" ten times fast.

And you should hear Sierra say Ecclesiastes  !!  She calls it "Ecclesi-nasties".  I highly encourage you to teach your children the books of the Bible at an early age.  Other than the obvious fact that it is great to learn it is also highly entertaining to listen to. 

Embrace the tongue-tied moments.  Before you know it they will mostly be gone.  I have always loved the mispronunciations my children make.  I have had relatives fuss over it and worry that they won't be able to talk right.  Funny thing is that kids seem to learn in spite of a momma trying to keep her babies babies a little longer. 

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  1. We were just discussing Makaela's funny little words and saying over the weekend. She even has some now at 12 years old. Lol It is really cute how children do pronounce words and phrases differently, but in the end they do learn how to say them correctly. :o)


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