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Friday, September 2, 2011

A COMPLETE Week! Started Expedition Earth: PART 1 (The Concussion)

Well, it is with great relief that I can say that we finished a complete week of our new curriculum, Expedition Earth.  I was all set to start this curriculum the previous week and had stayed up into some crazy, obscene, long hours of the night the weekend before to get everything ready.  On that Monday we jumped in... or rather, I did.... but the kids did not... they had already experienced the boredom of the three weeks prior with our other curriculum and let's just say they were resistant and cranky... I did not go well.  We got enough ready to move on to day two and had gotten up that morning and gotten off to a good start.  Most of our core subjects were done and I think the two older girls only had math to do.  I was feeling like it was going to be a better day and then, we went out to feed the animals since it had not been done at the correct time.  Caden was inside watching TV and the rest of us went out.  Sahara and Sierra tired of our animal duties and went back inside.  Shortly after, Sierra opened the back door and said that Sahara was hurt and had fallen.  I honestly did not take it serious until I got to the door and saw Sahara trying to stand and walk and stumbling around.  I took her in my arms and tried to calm her, but she was just crying and groaning.  I tried the usual tricks to see if she would "forget".  It was just not happening, but she was not screaming hysterically.  That was odd in itself.  Cody called and I told him I was dealing with a head trauma, but even then I did not take it too seriously.  I thought she would cry a little and be okay.  She was starting to fall asleep and I tried to keep her awake, but she drifted out.  I lay her in my bed and then, nurse the baby who also fell asleep.  I put her in the bed away from Sahara and checked on Sahara, again.  She was fine.. or seemed so.  A few minutes later I her rousing and crying and I went to her quickly.  I got her up carried her to the living room couch to keep from waking Sienna.  She began throwing up.  That's when I knew this was not just a little bump on the head.  Called the pediatrician.  They said to take her in.  Called Cody.  He came.  Long story short... it got scary... She was disoriented, dozing in and out, slurred speech, hard to understand, made little sense, was abnormally quiet.  Five hours later and CT scan later she was clear of major injuries and it was determined that she had a concussion and could go home. 

For this reason we only did core subjects the rest of the week and stopped with Expedition Earth, so my focus could be more on watching Sahara closely.  I am happy to say that she is doing well and we managed to complete a full school week this week.  Yeah!  


  1. Shannon!
    You've been holding out on us on FB!! I just found your blog by seeing a comment you made on another blog.

    I can't believe the week you had! I'm glad your girl is ok. I know that had to be scary.

    We're off to a slow start, but hopefully next week will be better.

  2. Glad she is ok. Hopefully, things will settle down a bit for you :)


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