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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up ... Another "Off" Week

I know I am doing this all wrong.  You see it seems I only do a "wrap-up" on the weeks we take off from our schooling.  I guess I just call it the wrong thing.  The weeks that we do full schooling I call it by Week "x" Expedition Earth, etc..  The other weeks get a "wrap-up" for me.  If this messes anyone up, I truly apologize. 

As I mentioned above I scheduled this as an off week for a couple of reasons.  One... I had dental appointments scheduled for Monday and we had a co-op meeting on Friday.  That only left us with 3 days for schooling and I did not want to squeeze it all in.  This will probably be our last week off until Thanksgiving, though. 

So, anyhow we went to the dentist on Monday, then came home and took Sierra next door for her soccer practice.  Tuesday Savannah's practice was cancelled, which was just as well since she has a hurt foot.  Wednesday I did like 5-6 loads of laundry and the kids went to their Music/Choir classes and other church classes.  Today we went to our co-op and then to the park.  We had a simple dinner and then met up with friends at the local movie theater to see Dolphin Tale (which was fabulous).  And now I sit here nearly falling asleep.  All week has been non-stop, although it looks very simple.  There just do not seem to be enough daylight hours to get everything in.  And we have three hours of soccer games tomorrow morning, so on that note.... Goodnight!

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