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Monday, March 19, 2012

Sitting Up Late

Sometimes I just sit up late.  It is "my time".  I don't really do anything, but let my mind go.  I read blogs or facebook, look at pinterest, work on school planning, shop online, or work on bills.  The crazy thing is that I stay up really late when I do this.... like 1:AM or 2:AM, so I try to not do this often.  It is exhausting, but sometimes I just need that time that is so quiet.  As I sit here I hear the train whistle.  I usually never notice the train whistle because life is whirling all around me.  I heard and ambulance speed through the streets a little while ago.  I often do not hear these sounds.  Amazingly, they are loud sounds, so it is interesting that I could not notice them.  But I do.  Sometimes there are many little voices talking all at once.  Sometimes there is this precious little three year old screaming at me.  Actually, that is quite often.  Whew!  That one has added a few gray hairs to my head.  She just does not understand how to speak to get what she wants.  She goes straight to the tantrum stage.  I have got to get better at handling her personality.  Often, I am unable to focus solely on guiding her.  She needs and extra dose of direction and guidance.  There are just sometimes when feeding an infant has to take first priority or putting that infant down for her nap.  That three year old sees no reasoning, but getting what she wants instantly.  I love her dearly.  I joke that it is a good thing she is cute.  And it is.  I also joke that if anyone ever stole her they would surely return her.  And they would.  She can make me twitch.  By noon time she exhausts me many days.  But I love here so!!  And that little guy in the house.... Well, he is.... busy... and rambunctious... and all boy.  And the two of them together are like a little mini hurricane running through the house... all... day... long.  And sometimes they just run through playing and giggling and talking about some jibber-jabber only the two of them understand and they have us all giggling.  Well, anyway.... sometimes you just need to sit up late.  :)

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  1. I know EXACTLY what you mean...sometimes we just NEED the quiet :)


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