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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Buff Orpington Bullies

I think my tiny little Buff Orpingtons are bullies!  I find it so interesting that they are so small and look so sweet.  The seem mild tempered.  They don't fret when I reach into to their cage, but today I inspected all the chicks in that cage and those two little Buff Orpingtons (BOs) are the only ones that do not have chewed up, bloody backs.  Hmmmm.... I am thinking the BOs are the ones causing the problem.  Okay, so I just posted about all this and detailed out how we changed all the chicks and ducks around to provide safety for the ducks. 

So, today... I decided to inspect the Aracaunas that are in with the BOs.  All of the Aracaunas have missing feathers all down the middle of their backs and sores and some had fresh blood which indicates that the pecking has taking place since the seperation of the wounded ducks.  So, this evening I put all the Aracaunas back in with the ducks.  That leaves the two BOs all alone in one cage.  I am a bit concerned about the arrangement.  If I am wrong and it is the Aracaunas pecking on each other I will probably have bloody tailed ducks again in the morning.  I just do not have enough cages to put every chick/duck in their own cage.  Time will tell....

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