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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Pic 2012

I can't say this is the best Easter pic we have ever taken, but they are all there and that is what matters the most.  Savannah (11), Sienna (1), Sierra (8), Sahara (3), & Caden (5)

I took the older two girls shopping for dresses with all the little ones in tow on our dentist day.  Whoa!  That was crazy!  But we came up with two dresses and we all agreed we could live with these dresses and end the shopping spree.  Let's just say that Caden and Sahara spell t-r-o-u-b-l-e and they were very restless after being gone all day.  I normally will not choose a sleeveless spaghetti strap dress, but these were very well fitted around the arms and chest area and were ankle length.  I think they still fit the "modest" category for us and with the Texas heat, so I decided they did not have to wear a shrug.  I was excited to realize when I got home that Sahara had a hand-me-down dress of Sierra's that coordinated and Sienna had a new dress that she got for her birthday that also coordinated.  On another outing I was able to find a lime shirt for Caden to wear with pants he had.  The two older girls were already in need of Spring/Summer shoes to wear with dresses and we made a late night run and found a solution to that issue.  Yeah!  All had outfits without a huge ordeal or huge expense. 

 And I just want to share this pic of Sienna on her first Easter egg hunt.  She basically crawled to her egg because she was too excited to walk.  She had to get out of that Easter dress that was making it hard for her to crawl, so she is wearing some comfy play clothes that she can get messy in. I just love the look of deep thought on her face here.  She actually did eat some boiled egg, which was a huge surprise to me since she absolutely will not eat scrambled eggs. 

 And here are some of our beautiful peeled hard boiled eggs.  I just love to see how much of dye transfers onto the actual inside egg.  So pretty!

And Savannah is being very silly like she is going to take a bite out of the butter.  And we don't usually have such pretty butter, but this was one of our purchases from our dairy farm field trip.  Look close at the beautiful flower.  I just love that! 

I was actually sick on Easter this year, but did not realize it until after church.  I was very weak and feverish, so I did not quite accomplish my plans for our Easter day celebrations.  That's okay, though.  I got to spend it with my little family.


  1. Your kids are adorable! Glad ya'll had a good Easter!
    Ashley Hogeland

  2. You have a big beautiful family! Did you notice - they all looked almost identical? Big, bright, lovely eyes! Dropped by from UBP.


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