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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Linking Up With... The Ultimate Blog Party 2012

Since I have been back at blogging lately I thought it would be nice to join the "party"!  I have blogged for the past few years and always seem to miss this.  Right now I am not pregnant and I don't have a newborn... which makes more sense if you have followed my blog in the past.  So, about me.  I am Shannon(39)... wife to Cody(39)... mom to Savannah(11), Sierra (8), Caden(5), Sahara(3), and Sienna(1y1mo).  I am a stay at home mom.  We homeschool.  My husband has been a teacher for the last 15 or so years and is an Assistant Principal this year.  Yes, I did say we homeschool.  ;)  And no, we are not "against" public school.  We just choose a different option and I want to be with my kids.  Yes, even on the bad days.  ;)  And I like the little winking smiley face, since you can not see my emotions.  We are Christians and attend a Baptist church.  I blog about a little of everything in my life.  My blog is not just one focus.  I don't JUST homeschool or JUST cook or JUST raise animals or JUST mother my children or JUST be a wife or JUST love God, etc..  I am/do all these things and more, so naturally my blog is about a variety of things that happen in my life.  I will say that lately there has been a lot about rabbits and chickens and such, but don't be led to think that is all it is about.  Linger a while and read some of my old stuff.  Check my categories.... there might be something of interest there.  I can't wait to take a peek around a few of your blogs.  PLEASE leave a comment if you visit from the party and I will come visit your blog.  Nice to bloggy meet you!!

1 comment:

  1. Hi, Shannon! You have a gorgeous family!

    I am stopping by from the UBParty. It is my first year to participate and I am really enjoying the opportunity to visit everyone's blogs. :-) I also like the smiley faces, including the winky. ;-) LOL

    I just started my blog in January. I would love to have you stop by ~ librarystorytimeabcs.blogspot.com

    Btw, I am a former teacher who also made the choice to homeschool my 4 boys. Isn't it nice to have options? I look forward to reading your blog!

    Have a lovely evening!


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