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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Busy Summer... Busy Life!

Wow!  It's been a busy Summer!  I had started to get back into a groove posting on my blog, but as we finished up the homeschool year and headed into Summer I had to prioritize my time a little better.  The result was a little unplanned blog break.  We were so busy we even cancelled vacation.  Ugh!  BUT we got the chicken coop mostly done... still needs finishing touches... and we pulled out the carpet in three rooms of our house and changed that to hard surface flooring.  We did a lot of rearranging, so it was like remodeling three rooms of our house.  Being that we have five kids and life that does not stop for our projects, it took us over a month from start to finish... and in all honesty there are still little details that I am still wrapping up.  And that is just kind of the way with my life... nothing is every truly complete.  There is always some project going on and they usually overlap one another. 

But I want to get back into posting even though this is a crazy busy time for us.  I think I will do some short posts and see how that goes for awhile.  And when I say it is crazy busy I really mean.  Here is a little peek into this homeschooling mother of five and wife... our weekly schedule is quite full:
Sunday -- Regular Sunday School and Worship Service  -- 9:45 - noonish
             -- Special Study at Church: "American Heritage" DVD viewing begins this week -- 5-6:PM
             * The last few years we have not attended Sunday night service, so this is a big deal for us.  We stopped attending when my husband was going through the Master's program in college and being that we have added more children to our family we never have resumed.  Honestly, I am okay with that because I once thought we "had" to be there. 
Monday -- Sierra has soccer practice -- 6-7:PM
Tuesday -- Sierra & Savannah have piano practice -- 5:15 - 6:PM
              -- Special Bible Study in our home ("Visionary Parenting") with a small group -- 6:30 - 8:PM
Wednesday -- Children's Church and Choir Activities  -- 6-7:45 PM
              -- Special Men's Bible Study / Special Women's Bible Study -- 6-7:30 PM
Thursday -- Savannah has soccer practice (with Daddy as Coach) -- 6-7:PM
Friday -- FREE
Saturday -- Four of the kids have soccer games and practices -- 9-11:AM
We also, intend to have park time on Fridays with other homeschoolers or special "field trips" and attend various other unplanned activities. 

Meanwhile, we have the usual homeschooling, laundry, cooking and mealtimes, housecleaning, animal care, kid care, ... that still goes on, too.  It sounds crazy.... and it is crazy... but I am so excited about the things that are going on in my life right now.  I am determined to be a better, more efficient planner, so that the next couple of weeks will go well.  Hmmm... with all this craziness it is quite ironic that I think I will blog more.  We shall see!!!


  1. You guys have been busy! We have a project or two around our house that needs done, but I really don't want to tackle another during the school year...at least not until we have a break or a few weeks off or something. We went thru that with our flooring and that was just waay too much craziness and mess for me.

  2. Sounds like you've got a lot going on!!! Be sure to enjoy it!!! :)
    I miss you! And hope y'all can come down here soon. :)


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