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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Solemn Humbling Day and MY Thoughts

As I sit here today I am humbled.  Who am I to think that change would happen?  Prophecy is prophecy and it must be fulfilled.  Even the most precious Lamb was prophesied to come and die.  That had to happen.  And because of past prophecies we see God's promises kept.  If the rest of prophecy is not ever fulfilled, then there would be no reason to believe in any of God's Word. 

As I sit here today there is a quietness in my world.  Yes, amidst all the noise of five children their is a quietness as I absorb this.  I truly never expected Romney to win the presidency, but in the last few weeks I had a glimmer of hope.  I saw people's hearts changing, but ultimately we are not a people of true repentance.  Our nation is self motivated.  Even if we believe in the sanctity of biblical marriage and that children are a blessing there are those of us that will not let that sway or choices.  Those two things alone are enough to guide my vote, but we live in and are immersed in a culture that wants after our own selfish desires and we don't want anyone making our choices for us; therefore, we don't want to hold to having a say in anyone else's choices.  If they want to have an abortion, then who are we to get in the way of "their choice".   This is so sad because it can not be backed up biblically.  And that is where the problem lies.  True repentance will only come when we are willing to sacrifice our own selfish desires.  We must back up our "choices" with biblical principles.  I learned a while back that if you want to know if you are "hearing the voice of God" one of the ways to know this is that you must be able to back it up with scripture.  Such a simple thing, yet so profound.

When I awoke this morning I turned on the TV in hopes that it were all a bad dream or that some mistake had been made.  No, the bad just got worse as I listened to announcements.  Recreational marijuana usage has now been legalized.  The first woman was elected to the Senate and is openly gay.  The small town next to mine voted in the sale of beer in wine in the restaurants and stores in their town.  Now, I want to say right now that I am not a "hater".  This morning that is what I am hearing... Christians are "haters" and want to impose their beliefs on everyone else.  I for one am not that kind of Christian and I don't think others mean to come off that way.  We are supposed to hate the sin, but not the sinner.  That is my stance on the issues above.... I don't hate homosexuals, but I do not think it should be legalized.  I don't think that a Senator should be allowed to be openly gay either.  This certainly does not mean I have hate in my heart for her.  I just think there could be a better person for the job.  But, all of these issues and many others are a representation of where our country is at.  It saddens me and God's wrath is coming on this country.  It has been prophesize and it will come to pass.

Again.... I am humbled... Who am I to think that God woud not keep his promises and for that I rejoice.  His will be done!


  1. I would be more sympathetic to your claim of not being a "hater" if you were open to a hint of possibility that people who vote differently than you might simply have DIFFERENT morals rather than no morals. I am motivated by different values than you are- not "selfishness." For example I believe we have an obligation as a society to care for our poor. I believe we have a moral obligation to future generations and other beings on this planet to be better custodians of our world. And mostly, I believe that Romney, and the republican party as a whole, is out to further their own interests, using Christian issues as a means to manipulate voters rather than pushing them because they actually believe they are important. Do I think Obama is less manipulative? Not necessarily. They're politicians.

    I find it fairly insulting that you apparently believe anyone who doesn't share your values or religion is selfish and immoral, and out to make the world a worse place. I wouldn't wish you to change your beliefs OR your values, but I certainly hope you can broaden your mind to give your fellow human beings a little more credit.

  2. If you have to delete my comment rather than face what I've said, that tells me you are shamed, not humbled. I'm sure you'll delete this too, which is fine- it's your blog. But I hope you'll reconsider the arrogance of pretending to know the hearts of others. People who share your values are not the only good people. Open your eyes.

    1. Well, it was never deleted... only marked as spam to make it private. But hey! It's back on. Also, I have the next blog post with your comments and my reply. I hope this makes you feel validated. But know this... this is my blog and my right to express my voice and my heart. You don't have to ... well, go read the other post rather than me be repititious. Blessings to you!

  3. Shannon, I will be writing a post later today pertaining to my feelings about this week. People have lost their minds.


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