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Monday, January 14, 2013

Burning the Midnight Oil

... is not a wise choice!  I have got to start getting to bed earlier.  This is a real challenge in our home.  My husband has a hard time "shutting down" and I have a hard time going to bed unless all people are in their beds. 

And this is about all I have to say in this post.  Nothing profound... just thought that there might be someone out there that needs to hear this one statement:

Burning the midnight oil (staying awake) is not a wise choice!

It has very little benefit unless it is a very structured well thought out time that you will be spent accomplishing something important.  And it must have time constraints.  If you are staying up and dawdling about like I do you are better off going to bed right now and sleeping.  Right now!  I simply do not accomplish things well late at night.  In the morning I can hit the floor running, but at night I go into "sit down and dawdle mode".  If you have this problem, then go to bed!  Seriously, we have to realize it is like a domino effect.  Our tomorrows will not go as well as they could if we stay up burning the midnight oil and waste our precious rest.  It is like a downward spiral. 

When our bodies have rest we are more sane!  When we feel overwhelmed with our days rest can do wonders!

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