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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Not posting due to camera issues

I just wanted to pop in a say that I have not been posting due to camera issues and some sickness in our home.  The camera is sick.  No, a little bit of sickness has gone through our home.  I destroyed my camera on Thanksgiving vacation this year and then, my aunt very generously game me a camera of hers.  The only problem is that the camera is a bit outdated if you are taking a lot of pictures.  It works, but I have ordered newer memory cards so I can take more than 40 pictures before downloading.  And then, it stopped working.... which I now think is that the rechargeable batteries in it are going bad.  I don't have a lot of time to spend sorting out the issue.  I will soon, but in the meantime I can not take the pics I want to take.  And that means that my Sewing for Modesty series is going to have to wait a bit.  I seriously have some of it typed up and waiting, but I need pictures. 

This too shall pass... Meanwhile, I have been garden and orchard planning and other homesteadish type things.  Color makes this interesting, right?  Ha...

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