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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Blogging Direction and Faithfulness

I have been thinking about my blog and my lack of faithfulness to it, as well as, the direction of it.  This blog has always been very random and I really like it that way, but in the last couple of years I have begun to think I might need to focus it in a bit more.  And it must be addressed that I obviously lack faithfulness to it.  You see I have a problem when I am doing things.... whatever it may be I get fully absorbed in it and I can tell you I have a pretty important mission here at home.  When I get absorbed in things that are taking away from my real mission of rearing my children and keeping my home I have to reevaluate and obviously blogging is not on the top of the list of important goals.  But I still desire to have the blog and maintain it for various reasons:... the share and help others as I have gained so much wisdom and knowledge from other bloggers; to have a sort of scrapbook of our lives; and as a release of my thoughts because telling your story is sometimes the best way to move on to the next thing in life.  

So, as I sit here pondering as I listen to the dryer spinning away, and watching out the window as my three littlest ones jump on the trampoline like a bunch of wild monkeys, and relish in the quietness of my two oldest working away on school I thought I would take a moment to consider the direction of this blog.  

I think I will keep it rather random, but I think I want to make a point to start posting shorter posts that I can do more often and I want to focus on how we make it all work with our "little" family.  And yes, I know most people don't see a family of seven as little, but I still do somehow.  I always refer to us as a "larger than average" family because I really don't think of us as a large family just yet.  People are always wondering how we afford all these kids, a nice large home, groceries, etc..  They wonder how we go to the store or dinner out... or sadly why we would even want to... and what on earth we we do on vacation that we can afford (or keep our sanity) taking along five kids.  All these things are just a part of everyday life for me and we "just do it"... you just do what you have to do and I don't think I think about how weird or interesting that is to other people too much, but people ask questions that make me realize they really are interested and at a stage in life that I really feel open to sharing some insight.  So, this is my new direction... and I will continue the other random posts, as well...just because it's my blog and I can.  Hehehehhee!  And I will try to be faithful.  Have a blessed day!

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