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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Ch-ch-ch-changes: Running out of Room in the Van

Once again I find myself it a "season" of changes.  With another little addition on the way it is once again time to re-evaluate a few things in our home.  We even considered moving to a different house to simplify some things, but it looks like that will not be happening.  Time will tell that story.

Closets are another issue that will soon be on the list of things to address.  For now I shall procrastinate a bit longer on that one.  Really I just don't quite know what direction I want to got there.  I think there may be some people moving OUT of the family closet.  It is getting pretty cramped.  Alas, I will cross that bridge a little later I suppose.

One of the many things that has been apparent from the beginning is that once our new addition joins the family we will no longer fit in either of our current vehicles.  Cody has a Chevy Tahoe and it seats seven and I have a Toyota Sienna that also seats seven.  We will need eight seats if we are to go anywhere as a family.  This really is not a crucial issue, though.  We do have the shuttle bus that we use for vacations and in a crunch we could use it if we really needed to.  It is not ideal because it gets nine miles per gallon or LESS.  It would serve the purpose if necessary.

As this has been on my mind I decided to do a little searching to see if there was anything available in our local area at this time.  I came up with a couple of options.  One of the options was an older 2006 15 passenger van with 41,000 miles on it (Really low mileage for 7 years).  The other was a 2013 12 passenger van with 25,000 miles on it.  This really was a hard choice!  The first one was silver versus the second one being white... and I do not like white cars.  Such a frivolous portion of the consideration so I had to decide to overlook that detail.  The first was larger allowing more cargo space or more friends to tag along.  The second was smaller and easier to maneuver and still would give us four extra seats.  The first would have no warranty while the second still had a warranty.  The price difference in the two was only about $6,000.... still it made it hard to decide.  The first had some aging... the second looks brand spanking new.  The first would definitely get the job done and more... the second would be just the right fit and feel a little more "cool" (as much as passenger van can anyway).  The first had really bouncing back seats (the kids thought that was of major importance)... the second did not.  The first you were on your own totally backing up... the second has a built-in backup camera and noise sensors to alert you of danger of hitting anything when backing up.   Both drove great and were free of motor defects.  I was really surprised that these things drive so much like a mini-van!!!  The first had the basics being that it was made 7 years ago (one charger outlet, CD & radio, cup holders only up front)... the second had several charger outlets, CD & radio, Bluetooth phone capabilities, media port, cup holders up front and in other locations).  Honestly, the decision was one extreme to the other and both were good choices.  Again, it was hard to decide.  

The kids were really wanting the older one... because bouncy seats really are important to kids.  And some of them had visions of taking everyone we know along with us everywhere.  The seriously thought that it was important to choose a vehicle that another family of seven could go along with us in.  We had to clue them in that we needed to find a vehicle that meets OUR family needs first and foremost.  My five year wanted the newer sparkly shiny one... well, because she is a bit OCD and "clean" is very appealing to her (and I totally get that).  My husband simply liked newer and all the bells and whistles (not that passenger vans come with too many bells and whistles).  I weighed all the comparisons features because I am ultra practical... and cheap.

In the end we choose the second one.  And we are now the owners of a 2013 12 passenger van!!!  Who would have ever thought?!!!  But then, who would have ever thought I would ever have six children either?!!!  Ha!  This life just keeps getting crazier.  One thing I know for sure is that you have to be open to a few Ch-ch-ch-changes.  

{I was going to wait to post this WITH a picture, but I think I will go ahead and come back with a separate post with a little picture moment.  I am a little excited to tell that we have joined the ranks of passenger van owners and I officially feel like we are now a "large family".)


  1. You are so cute Shannon! ;) I remember when we graduated to a big van. ;)

  2. Congrats on the van! I'm still resisting upgrading to a bigger vehicle myself. The seven of us are still crammed into a crossover!


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