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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Gardening: Two New Raised Beds, Take 1

This picture shows the two raised beds we added this year.  The vines on the ground in front are from a nearby Venus grape bush that I need to stake up soon.  The bed has tomatoes planted in it with sunflowers at the front.  Clearly I need to weed a little, but the weeds are smaller than they look. 

The picture below is a closer pic of the one in the back.  It also has tomatoes in it with sunflowers and I added some lilies to it that needed to be planted. 

I will be needing to get the tomatoes staked up soon as the last rain we had weighed them down.  I can not wait to watch this grow. I'll will keep you posted.   

About eight years ago Hurricane Rita came over our house and knocked down a privacy fence that divided our property and we stacked all the wood up.  We have used it a little at a time for some random things.... a tree house, raised beds, etc..  So, save that old wood.  You never know what you might need it for.

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