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Saturday, June 7, 2014

A Sample of.... Why We Homeschool

I started this little series on my personal facebook page because there seem to be so many people that don't understand why we homeschool.  I thought I would share some of that stuff here.   Here is a little sample:

 People wonder why we homeschool. And, they are quick to assume we don't like public school. Of course, my husband works as an Assistant Principal in public school. The irony in that is profound (from both viewpoints... Haha). So I thought I would share some pictures that show why we homeschool. #1. This is Caden coloring. Look close... "Cc Compassion"... As they color we talk about the picture and how we can show compassion to others. We can instill biblical principles while teaching the ABCs.

This is a coloring book page. You may think of it as busy work but it is way more. This is when we take time to really talk about the biblical principles and the scriptures that back them up. This can also used as a copy work verse and in doing that the child learns to write neatly, proper sentence structure, spelling, reading, etc..

Individualized Learning.... Copywork tracer page that I make with a highlighter and the child traces... See how this can be used in beginning reading to practice sounds, etc.. We typically will read the page three times and then trace. I put these in a notebook and we do the read the same sheets for a few days a trace on the third day. I will add to this book daily so they are reviewing old information and adding new each day.

Teacher of the moment!!! Cutest teacher ever!

This is a page from a 4th grade math textbook by Rod & Staff Publishers. There is a sweetness and saturation of biblical content that I have not seen anywhere else. My kids are not fond of all the reading problems but I am in love. Be still my heart... Bible meets math!!

This is a page out of one of our language arts books. There are several biblical examples throughout this page.

This is a reader we use. I love this beyond words!!! All of the stories in it are Bible stories are stories that point back to God. The premise is that we learn to read for the purpose of reading our Bibles.

I get to be with him all day long!!! Yes, even though he has a hard time focusing and takes forever I still get to be the one he spends the day with.

 Q-q-quiet... This is a good lesson because they are rarely quiet!

Savannah skimming the cream off of our raw milk to make butter. 

 One-on-one math with Momma in the kitchen... because someone gets easily distracted and needs constant refocus. Constant. Siblings being best buds in the background.

Homeschool friends can spend the night on a SCHOOL NIGHT!!!  This rarely happens but when a family needs some help we can adjust our schedule and help.  (They are having a jalapeno eating contest.)

 Schooling with real life turtles! Sienna, 3

Spelling Tests can be done on Monday. This isn't our norm, but life happens. We chose to hold off on some things on Friday to help a family out in their time of need. I love that our choice to home educate gives us this freedom. We can rearrange our schooling schedule to fit. In all honesty I intended to do Spelling Tests on Saturday, but I forgot. So.... given a little more time it really will be a true test of whether they really learned their words.

This is a sampling of what I have been sharing.  I have many people try to understand and ask me questions.  Some will understand and some won't.  That is okay.  I have many that even thinking of switching to homeschooling and have private messaged me to get information on how they an get started homeschooling.  I think the only way people are every going to understand our choice is to let them see a little of it. 

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  1. I love the fact that we are priviledged to homeschool our children. I cannot imagine it any other way. Yes, there are days that are just crazy, busy, stressful, but I think it is all worth every moment.


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