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Friday, June 13, 2014

Crossing Off My To Do List... Countdown to Summer Update

We are still chugging along with our "school year" at the Swafford house and we are counting down to the lazier days of Summer.... which don't seem like they are going to be very lazy.  Sigh.  So, I thought I would share my To Do List here.  This just has the big stuff on it.  If I listed everything this would never be ready to post.  In fact, I actually wrote this post a few weeks back and have gotten some things done already.  As time goes I will post updates and I will add those things in colors to make the new things more obvious.  This might be fun to see.  

Updates for 6/10/2014 are in Blue.
Updates for 6/13/2014 are in Green. 

Finishing off the current curriculum...
- Savannah 
        - Math
- Sierra
        - Math 
- Caden
- Sahara 
- Sienna

Assessing ordering for next year:
.... I have sort of let this go for now.   I pretty much know my plan but need to tweak it some more.  I think I will spend more time in July doing that. 
- Savannah 
- Sierra
- Caden
- Sahara 
- Sienna

Organizing Books & Supplies:
- Individual Crates (Mobile School)
- Storage of Past Materials (This will be done after we complete more of our year.)

Planning Getaways:
- Schlitterbahn Trip (trying to determine a date)(waiting to know for sure when Cody's year is up and about whether we move this Summer)
- THSC Convention
       - Register for convention
       - Hotel Reservations
- Camping (if we move, we might be doing some extreme camping... lol... Yep, camping might be in the yard of the new home!)

Registering for Summer Activities:
- Bible Bee (decided to hold off on this activity due to cost... maybe next year)

Vehicle Maintenance:
- Van Oil Change
- Van missing piece
- Bus Tires
- Tahoe Oil Change, tune-up

- Buying the other house (in the works)  (It seems the house we made an offer on has a contract on it.  The listing was not removed from the market.)
- Selling the current house (listed)
        -We have been deep cleaning every room one room at at time and purging in a major way.  We filled one room with boxes of stuff to completely get rid of.  We also rented a storage building for things that we want to keep or that we think we might want to keep.  We need some of these things out of the house to make the house look better for showing.  Complete the other rooms.

       -Put down trim that we was difficult to find that has needed to be done for several months.     
       -Extra mowing and outdoor shape-up
       -Decluttering the deck. Stripping the deck.  Staging the deck (in the way it is supposed to be arranged but that we are always moving).
       -Yard sale for purge items
       -Replace the door to the shed that has a hole in it


  1. Busy mama.....lol. Isn't it nice to mark things off your list?

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