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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Blessing Others: Homeschool Materials

I have been homeschooling now for six years!!  I can hardly believe it!  And, along the way I have accumulated an excess amount of "stuff".  Much of it has been gifted to me.  Being that my husband was a teacher and is now an assistant principal I have been given a lot of his stuff and other homeschoolers have shared their stuff.  Once my husband was no longer teaching there was a lot of his teacher stuff that came home with him (ya know... because teachers buy a lot of their own supplies). I have a large home and a large room that we have dedicated to homeschool stuff.  There was "plenty of room for it all".  Now, we are trying to simplify and are even wanting a smaller house.  So, our house is for sell and we are trying to have it ready to show whenever necessary.  The only problem is the formal living room of our home looks more like a schoolroom or teacher supply store.  I am a visionary person, but even I have a hard time seeing it as a formal living room... & and I remember what it looked like as a formal living room.  So...  The purging must be done.  

So, I have decided to give most of the stuff away.  I could sell it but it is nice to be able to bless others with some of this stuff.  There are some things I will be selling like curriculum books, also... so I can have some spending money for this year's curriculum.  

The local homeschooling ladies are going wild for these chalkboard and dry erase boards.  I even kept a couple of small ones and I had all this to pass on.  Can you say "excess"?  It is nice to pass on this blessing.  

And, who wouldn't want these filing cabinets?!  Well, this lady that has more where those came from (yes, I am embarrassed).  Not only am I blessing others God is convicting me of living in excess.  And, since I am being transparent here... This stuff is holding me back from being a good mother and wife.  I have already wasted many days this Summer fretting over what to keep and what to get rid of.  Where is the joy of spending time with my family?  Wasted... On worrying about organizing "stuff".  So, guess what?!  It's time for the stuff to go!!! Wooooo hooooo!!! 

I want to encourage you today to do the same.  Purge.  And, not just purge but give.  Remember being that new homeschool momma and wanting stuff you did not have funding for?  Well, if you have excess like I do pass on some blessings. 
*** I got rid of way more than this.  

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