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Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Birthday Boy is 8

Caden... This little guy is EIGHT years old already. I can hardly believe it.  

We had a very busy day for his big day.  His Daddy took off work to spend the day with him and we started our day with donuts for breakfasts followed by dressing for the day and some schooling.  We had an early lunch combined with Caden's birthday party and headed out the door right after noon to pick up friends for our first homeschool choir performance of the year.  The four oldest children performed with the homeschool choir at a local nursing home which is always a wonderful time and then. We headed out spend some time at Chuck E. Cheese followed by CiCi's Pizza.  That wasn't full enough for one day so we did a little birthday shopping for Legos.... because it is all about the Legos these days.  The last stop of the night was The Dollar Tree and then, we headed home to CRASH OUT!  

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