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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Jumping into Trim Healthy Mama

While I waited on my book to arrive I change my mind about twice a day.  One minute I was just going to read it and see what it had to say.  The next minute I was all in... And, then I would be saying there was no way.  This went on for two weeks as I waited on my shipment.  A couple of days before the book arrived I finally decided I HAD to stop the excuses and just do it.  I jumped in full force and clueless really.  I just started doing my best and making plenty of mistakes along the way.  I joined a local support group through FaceBook and I was totally on board.  I read that 600 page book in two weeks!  I was all in.  I did not do too many weird foods but I found a few tricks that worked for me and stayed focused on that.  My new motto became: Focus on what you CAN have and not what you CAN'T.  I scheduled my rare cheats and allowed that.  On days I felt deprived I let myself have something I thought I wanted and quickly realized it really was not that wonderful.  I got my sweet fix while detoxing by having an occasional squirt of whipped cream in my mouth or on a THM pancake.  Unless it was scheduled I mostly went off sweets for the first four months.  I had a hard time adjusting to stevia and other sweeteners so just avoiding sweets of all sorts worked best for me.  I dropped 4 pants sizes and 30 pounds in those first four months.  I went from a size 14 down to and 8... I am only 5'3" tall so honestly I am not done, yet.  After that point I began to struggle more.  I still stayed on plan most of the time and during the Summer I lost another 5-8 pounds or something like that, but I kept yo-yoing and just cold not get lower than that.  I was claiming a 35 pound loss.  This past Christmas I went on vacation and for the first time ate freely of any and everything.  I gained 10 pounds which was a bummer as I approached my one year Trimaversary.  That is no good but I have learned to fix the mistakes I make.  As soon as I was back from that vacation I jumped right back in and as I type this right now I have officially lost that vacation weight that I gained.  I am claiming a 32 pound weight loss at this time.  So, this summarizes my story.  Over time I will try to share some things that worked for me and some pictures. 

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